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Updating my Hyperfirm T-21

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Cross post from MEPD


I have had my HFX T-21 for a while and I have been wanting to make some upgrades to it just for a cleaner look and better accuracy. Since the blaster itself is a straight copy of the original Lewis gun, it is pretty close, but since mine is a B-grade cast I want to replace the top deck/receiver/whatever it is called. Luckily our very own spOOL68 made some excellent resin parts that I can use to make these upgrades.


First up is an upgrade I did a while back, which is some internal details in the barrel. I made a thread on this development a while back, this is how it turned out. 




I just 3D printed it at home and painted and weathered. 


Next up is the deck. I got this idea from justjoseph63 just who had made the same upgrade. 

Here is the existing desk, this was a b-grade cast and the deck was not holding up in the mold, so it doesn't looks great. 




Here is the great resin version by spOOL68 

Now the plan is to make some accuracy upgrades to this, maybe laser engrave the lewis gun information on it like the actual gun (or create "in universe" T-21 info which may be fun) 

There is great reference on the Lewis gun so making these upgrades will be relatively painless, hopefully. I will add more updates as I work on this. 

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Doing minor accuracy upgrades to the deck/receiver. Its not perfect but its a little closer. 


I removed the bolts near the top and bottom, replaced them with smaller knurled screws. I also updated the detail near the center (sorry for not know what any of the proper names are). I modeled it in tinkercad and printed it out on my 3d printer. I still have some details to add.

Next up I need to find someone with a band saw so I can reduce the thickness of the deck/receiver.  After that, hopefully, laser engraving.

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Still waiting on the band saw, if not, I will just get creative with my jigsaw and make it work. 

For now I am trying to decide if I want to go with the authentic engraving (with the added TD# serial)  TOP

or If i want to go with something that is more in Universe with Star Wars. BOTTOM


Leaning toward the authentic one....



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What a great idea!!!  I was not aware that you could get that engraved, but would be interested in doing it as well.  Keep us informed!!   :popcorn:

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