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RL180-Poor Man Blaster Rifle DLT-19


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Wow. Very nice the lego bricks trick. Good thinking there. Congrats on the build. It's coming along really well.


Thanks for the kind words.   Next is the Barrel Jacket base (where the Barrel Jacket screws into) which I have been delaying working on this as I think that is some pretty complicated sculpting work to make out of epoxy or perhaps Bondo.  I don't even have good measurements for size and proportions yet.  Have to play around with adding some wood, plastic or maybe even more Lego bricks.. lol as some filler. Needs to be strong but not add too much weight.

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I haven't posted a picture in a while, been trying to figure out how to tackle the Barrel Jacket Base.  Been toying with making it out of balsa wood (easy to work with), but I figure I can keep using the same materials I have been using.  Then it comes down to using Bondo or Apoxie Sculpt .. both are two part epoxies. 


Here are the two major sections I have been working on put together while I took some measurements to start working on the Barrel Jacket Base.


I'm going to go with PVC pipe and Apoxie Sculpt.   The Bondo is just to sticky to work with your hands and smells horrible.

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I decided to start with the right side of the barrel jacket base, which has a rather smooth and rounded shapes, verse the left side with straight lines and mechanical levers to unlock the barrel. The rounded part will be based on 1/2 inch PVC pipe about 2.5 inches in length.  On the actual MG-34, this part appears to be a hinge used to flip the barrel jacket out of the way.



The front side side of the hinge seems to be open on several of the reference pictures I used.  So I decided to use a hex nut that was a snug fit.



The back side of the hinge is smooth and solid.  For now I started with plugging the hole with Apoxie Sculpt.



Next I needed a flat base where the hinge is to be mounted on.  I used to pieces of scrap PVC foam board and used plenty of crazy glue and expanding foam glue to hold in place.  Then packed in the back and nearby openings with Apoxie Sculpt.



The hinge was tacked in place with crazy glue, globs of expanding foam glue and the packed smooth with more Apoxie Sculpt.  Then added several layers building up the general shape needed, just eyeballing it for now.  This is unsanded rough early stage, just used my fingers to smooth it out with excess water (spray bottle) to make it less sticky.  Used some scrap PVC foam board to squish in the sides where the face need to be flatter.



The back side of the hinge is closed of and flat with a slight bevel.  Again no sanded, this is just done with fingers so far.



Next I'll be sanding and shaping to get it a bit better before moving onto the other side.


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Back in August life threw me an unexpected curve which required me to shelve this project for a bit.   But as life would have it, then tossed me another curve to help bring back balance.  I haven't forgotten about this project.  I'll continue working on it soon.... I hope.

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