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Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Family BBQ

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EVENT: Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation Family BBQ


LOCATION: PMH – Megazone, Roberts Rd, Subiaco WA 6008


DATE: Wednesday 13th July 2016



TR13310 – Liz - Liz

SL51164 – Stuart – DV64

TI4748 – Ken – Zander

TK85421 - Glen - gmrhodes13


REPORT: We all arrived at 1630hrs and made out way to the change rooms to suit up.


We were guided by our lovely PMH representative to the outdoor BBQ area were some surprised children and their parents were eager to talk photo’s with bad guys from Star Wars. The air was thick with excitement and the smell of BBQ sausages and burgers. I could hardly contain my hunger, but luckily my groaning stomach could not be heard over the enthusiastic gasps from the children.


Stitches the Bear also made an appearance and momentarily distracted the kids from the Star Wars onslaught, but Stitches was no match for the might of the Empire as the kids flocked to our star studded line up of Vader, Royal Guard, Tie Pilot and TFA Stormtrooper.


Later we made a ward visit and brighten the day for a number of very brave boys and girls. It was truly an honour and a very humbling experience to met such brave kids and their parents.


Afterwards it was back up for another round of entertaining at the BBQ and a quick game of basketball before we changed back into our civilian clothes.


We grabbed a quick bite to eat at the BBQ before taking our shuttles home.




INJURIES: Just my feelings when a little girl told me that I wasn’t real.


ARMOR REPAIRS: Stuart had a tragic accident as we were leaving when a faulty bag strap caused his bag to fall to the ground, resulting in a piece breaking off the Vader Chest piece and some damage to his Vader mask. Thankfully it damage should be repairable.


HAPPY PEOPLE: All of them






REPORT BY: TI4748 Zander


Rockng the vest and pouch for the first time



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