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Are you an introvert in 'real' life?


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Yup, that's me! Full blown INTJ and everything. :P


I'm fine at work with people I know, but yeah, not really good at meeting new people or anything. I do like the anonymity a helmet provides though, here's me at the ren faire:




So yeah, looking forward to finishing up my TK armor now that I have some more time, seems it's a lot lighter than the above, lol.

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I'm an extroverted introvert. I can and have existed alone for a while...and it comes down to the people around me. I tend to have a great skill at peacekeeping and yet a great skill for shucksstorm ...which autocorrect changed to agitator...fun...causing because I speak out. So I Jawa and tk and nobody cares what we say anyway ;-)

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