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Imperial Transport Case

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Recently I purchased an SKB travel case to transport all my trooping goodies. I probably should have gone one size down but think this will best hold everything without any constraints. No photos yet of my armor in it but I i know it fits everything including my DLT-19, helmet and blaster toolbox case. It is free standing as well which is a plus here in Japan with limited floor space to store things. 

Cost on Amazon.com is about $250.00. I was lucky to find a supplier locally and got one for roughly $300.00  

Some US based company estimated it would cost $250.00 to ship to Japan. :shok: That was just the shipping fee not including custom fees! Good grief! 


Interior dimensions are: 50 x 20 x 13

■外寸:129.5W×55.5D×36.8Hcm  Outer dimensions

■内寸:126.3W×50.8D×34.9Hcm(蓋17.1cm/ベース17.7cm)Inside dimensions

Product Info :











This case is too big to travel on some airlines and my wife has warned me the train company here might charge me extra to board the train with it. I will report back if they do force me to pay extra public transportation fees. But other than that, it is a great sturdy case that will accommodate all your trooping equipment. Hope this helps. ;)

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SKB is a great case! I'm an archery bow hunter and my travel  bow case is an SKB I've been all over the US on multiple drives and flights and it's withstood everything thrown at  it.  :duim: Great purchase you'll love it.

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