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Another Doopy recast.


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This was posted as a recommendation on an Anovos builder group post, after double checking serial, I made sure to warn them away.




Conversation can be found in this link, were original purchaser confirms serial on mag well.



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It's strange that the serial numbers match Doopydoos.  I have built 3 DD's and noticed several differences in the etsy one as opposed to DD, like:

1.  DDs has a pronounced "lip" on the bottom front of the folding stock, this one doesn't, it's more rounded.

2.  This one has a shorter barrel end.

3.  DD's sights are not this well defined straight from the box.

4.  There is a small hole with a highly defined "dimple" in the folding stock.  DD's simply has a hole there, and sometimes not even that.

5.  The 2 vertical indentations toward the front of the folding stock are well defined.  DD's isn't.


These are just of the few things I noticed, as well as some differences in the Hengstler counter, etc., Also the etsy one does not have an inner barrel or spring, and the front ejection port is not securely attached.  Unfortunately I don't do the Facebook thing, but would be really interested in seeing the conversation!  








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