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Bobio's 1.5mm ANH Stunt Build [TM]

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I went back to the drawing board, searched and searched Amazon and came up with these.


The logos are minimal and should be easily concealed with black marker.


With shipping they were $36. Anyone familiar with this brand? Opinions????













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Fixed Broken Photobucket Image Links

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I have a pair of the black Duofolds that I bought from Dick's Sporting goods two years ago that I use as a base layer when I go snow skiing and snowboarding. They are comfortable and have held up very well despite how much I have punished them. They seem to wick moisture away nicely without overheating you. I remember paying more than $36 but I did buy it from Dick's which is known for high mark-ups.

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Well, time to dust off this thread and get my build back on track.  It has been way too long.  :(

I spent the weekend fixing countless broken Photobucket image links here, Carolinagarrison.net and Bikerscout.net for both mine and my son's threads.

What a mess, fortunately I had backups of everything.  I created an account on imgur and moved everything there.

Anyway, I am really hoping to get both mine and my son's builds done by Dragoncon this year.

I am looking forward to getting back into the build and I am sure I will have lots of questions over the next 6 months  :56pullhair:

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