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Darth Aloha

Back/Yoke - First Order Stormtrooper

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These photos and text have been placed here with permission from the original posters.


Many thanks to Krista (kme1682/IG-1682) for compiling all this information.


All the photos in the FISD gallery:

Photos from the following folks: niugnep, Plushie, TK410 (Aturo), TK Echo and Bender, 


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I'm adding in this build-tidbit to this thread since there isn't yet a chest plate thread. I made some modifications to keep the chest plate more flush with the yoke. Thanks to Ely for the idea! As with any build methods, this is "a" way and not "the" way to keep the chest plate down/flush.


Three steps to this modification:

A) We took industrial velcro and placed the soft side facing the body under the yoke and chest plate. Placement will vary according to your torso. For me: Vertically, a 2x2" soft side industrial velcro was placed facing the body under the yoke on the side closest to the center chest. Horizontally, it was placed along an imaginary line from the armpit to the yoke. On the chest plate a 2x2" soft side industrial velcro was placed facing the body on either side of the center indentation.

Be)  Two pieces 1" wide non-roll waistband elastics had velcro sewn on both ends, same side of the elastic. One side of each piece was velcroed to the underside of yoke while putting on the armour.

C) To wear armour: The chest plate/yoke elastics were velcroed first and then the chest plate was lowered to adhere to left and right sides of the waist/chest. I use velcro for my waste/sides.


Again, there are other ways to keep the chest plate flush. Many have found snaps to be useful. That's not my particular build practice for a few reasons, so I'm mentioning this modification for those that like to use velcro and might need another idea to consider. We found this modification sucessfully worked well. 


Happy Building! -krista :atat:


EDIT: b or B parenthesis turns into winky face.... that's my "something new" for today!

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