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Bat Trooper possibly in the works


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  • 1 year later...

So, almost a year later.......I eventually got to debut the kit!<br>

Went to LFCC last weekend and tried it all out<br><br>

Please check out my photo bucket link and tell me what you think


I think you should post up some pics so we can see

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Nope, not working. Don't see any photos in the thread. An easier way - copy the 'IMG Code' from photo bucket, post where you want it in your FISD post. Simple


Edit - Even if I click on that link above, it comes up "the person moved or deleted this image"

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So, you have your photo bucket account. When the photo you want to paste is on the main viewing page, click on the IMG code:


Down there on the right hand side




Then come back to your thread and 'paste' in your thread. Anywhere, but the photo will appear where you click ('paste')



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