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Help me make Rubies TK 501st approved

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I got a Rubies TK as a gift. I wore it a bunch of times. I don't want to sell it b/c it wouldn't be right. Anyways my goal is to make it functional and to eventually get it 501st approved.


I just read TOM R's post on how to have it fit better and work better. Thanks TOM R.


Whoever can please give me everything I should do to get it approved. I know it will be a tough task to complete, but willing to do it.

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I can sell you a back n cap, faceplate, ears, mic tips, decals and black trims....... That should help.




Seriously I'm not even sure you could make a rubies pass but I could be wrong. It would probably be cheaper to put that on a shelf if you dont want to sell it and start again.

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Get yourself a ROTJ-style helmet, as the Rubies helmet is unsalvageable. Mark (CFO guy in the above post) is your best source for that.


The rest *can* be turned into an approvable ROTJ-style stormtrooper - as long as you are willing to invest what will end up being more time and money than it would take to buy and assemble a kit from one of the vendors here. It has been done on one or two occasions.


Do a search on "Rubies Supreme", among other threads you will find this: http://www.whitearmo...=rubies supreme. This is one of those instances where the builder actually got it approved - at the time/money cost of more than what it would have taken to build a new suit from a kit (which he eventually did).

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Sell it! The money you make put it toward a CFO Suit from Mark! You will be saving $$$$$$! If you want to make the Rubies acceptable, buy a CFO from Mark and assemble it from scratch and go for Centurion. After that compare both the Rubies and CFO and after you see the differences ask yourself if you want to mod the Rubies?



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Thanks chaps.

Well, ultimately it's your choice on whether you mod the rubies or go for one of mine.

I can help you out with ROTJ reference or alternatively one of my kits. I'm only a pm away.

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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I got nothing to add, just wanted to say good luck on the project :)



Hahaha :laugh1:


That's some funny stuff!


I got nuthing to add* End transmission.... CT-9926 out.


Thanks for the laugh...

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In the long run it's absolutely worth going for quality, IE in this case CFO from Mark. If you don't, the risk is you'll be beating yourself for not doing so, and spending more money upgrading and replacing things you already had of lesser quality.

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