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ANH stunt (ap) build in progress [*AP]


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The ears took me hours upon hours to sand and trim... it was extremely hard to get them to line up without a gap and both sides are so uneven! I guess this is what everyone goes through, eh? =D

The AP ears are actually pretty easy compared to other ears, if you just trim them along thAe trimlines, they should fit pretty much spot on.

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Came across your build post here and noticed you are in Los Angeles. I am as well, near downtown. I'm am currently getting an FX kit done and preparing to build MTK armor. If you want to join forces and build together I've been trying to get in touch with troopers in my area to get together for help and have armor building parties. How far along are you now? :)


Here's a link to how far along I am and feeling stuck at this point. Just wanna get this done! http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=21061&hl=&fromsearch=1

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I love. My countersink drill bit.





I like the paint job on the teeth. Free handed?


Yeah you should take your time :) Building the armor slowly, like spending a whole evening on one tiny part, is full of advantages. If it's your first kit your brain is not able to pay attention to everything at once and receive a huge load of information to sink in. If you want it done faster take days off work and cancel your weekend plans, and always do something easy between two more difficult steps :)


I learned to love the butt-joint for ANH builds because it's much prettier and overlap with velcro behind the thighs is not reliable.


For the ears, unscrew them, take the edge of a flat table, a sandpaper sheet on, look closely for precision AND RUB, try-fit the ear, RUB, repeat. It's annoying but once you're done you black this boring moment out of your memory. Then of course there isn't any dotted line to show how much you should trim, but using many reference or trooping photos you can see there are ears thinner than others, just that thinner ones stick out less than too wide ones, and at some point you trim extra to reduce the gap between the low section of the ear and the helme's curve, rendering them thinner in appearance, and prettier that way than thick ;)


Myself I went a little overboard and sanded down to fit the edge from the dome overlapping edge, the sharp edge of the table and the sand paper shucks came in handy for that detail. I haven't seen any tutorial advising this or paid attention to whether others do that too, so don't just go do the same thing unless the rest of the board advises you to. It's merely pics to give an idea of the thickness of the ear, and how the countersink screws should "sink" into the ears almost completely.


From my build:


(click to zoom)




Also lower the brow a little more to join the "Matt Dillon" club of TK's lol

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