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My new batch of T-21s

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Here is my latest batch of T-21s. I have 8 for sale IN THE FOR SALE SECTION. I will be offering three stain color choices. I have fixed some details on the barrel. The taper from big to small is as accurate as I have been able to achieve. I use a lathe machine and turn down a part to get the best taper I have ever done. The end of the barrel is also a new inside taper just for the look. The rips are vinyl tubing and completely circle the tube with a very small seem on the bottom. They look like they are complete circles on the tube.


In the pics the top gun is done in a Dark Walnut stain along with the grips. The middle gun is done in a Rosewood dark red tinted stain along with the grips. The bottom gun is done in a Black satin stain along with the grips. The top and bottom gun look close to the same but the Dark walnut stain is more brown.


The barrels are hollow so easy to carry.


Each gun comes with the sling swivel attached to the gun and 2 straps that are stamped.


You can check my ebay feedback 123arb123 to see I have shipped these all over the world with no problems from customs.


Here are some pics.


Thanks for looking.














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