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  1. I use a 3.7v LI-ION and it has a long lasting life. I am checking on the USB as others have asked. Stay tuned.
  2. I am working on a video and package prices and will post soon.
  3. Hello all, I have been working on a new electronics board. It is one that I use in my T-21 builds. I will be offering them up for sale. I am trying to gauge interest in this board. Depending on the interest, it will tell me what kind of order I need to place to have my design made. It can be placed in many different builds. Here is the flyer of what the board does. It can do many things. I will be offering different packages based on your needs. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  4. Just my opinion, but Fem7 armor is not a Star Wars related armor. There are no characters or mentions that I know of where the armor exists. I don't really think it has a place in a group that makes Star Wars related armor. Legacy armor can be shown where it is in the Star Wars universe. Fem7 cannot. Again just my opinion.
  5. Hi all, I have been having a crazy hard time trying to find the stun sound for the E11. I have the normal blaster sound but need the stun sound to program into my board. Any help would be great. Thanks for your time.
  6. I will have these up for sale in my pouch line if anyone ever needs them.
  7. I will offering these. Please tell me what you think. I tired to copy the game pics.
  8. Got one in the garage. LOL let me know and I can show you.
  9. Hi all, here is a video of what my new 2013 t-21s will have. Hope you all like it and let me know what you think. I will also have sound boards that people will be able to add to the existing t-21s that may have been bought from me. I am also working on sounds boards to fit just about all the others guns if people wanted to scratch build theirs. I will keep you posted. New batch of 15 T-21s will start on Feb. 1st so send me a pm to confirm your name to the list. Price with electronics is 440.00 plus shipping or 350.00 plus shipping without electronics. I will be doing the payment plans to make it easy for everyone. Thanks.
  10. It is hard to tell what the actual color on screen is. It reallt depends on what you want. Most people get the rosewood which is a dark red stain and I have had othere request to pain the stock black. The dark walnut and the black stain look more like the actual Lewis gun from the old days so it's really just what you prefer. I just sold out of my batch of 9 but I will have 8 more soon. That will be all i will do until next year.
  11. These are my latest batch of T-21s. I have posted screen shots from the movie and pics of the guns so you can see the details I added. This is as close to the movie as I have ever came. The gun bodies are made of wood with plastic detail and the barrel is plastic. The gun comes apart into 2 parts and is shipped that way to make shipping easier. The rear sight on the body does move and the front sight on the barrel is made of a strong plastic. The sling swivel and 2 slings come with the gun. The gun is ready to troop after you attach the body and barrel together and attach the 2 slings. These are the most detailed I have done yet. The top gun in the group pic is stained with a black satin stain with an acrylic clear coat. The middle gun is stain with a rosewood stain with an acrylic clear coat. The bottom gun is stain with a dark walnut stain with an acrylic clear coat. The grips are stained to match the gun butt. Please check out the ongoing projects section if you would like to buy one. Thanks. Here are some pics: In this screen shot you can see a small brass disk on the gun butt. Here is may pic: Here is a top view: Other side view: Here are some screen shots of the barrel details: Here is my barrel and the new details and yes I know the gun has dust on it lol: Here is a screen shot of the top barrel details: Here is my barrel: If you have any questions please let me know. My guns come complete. They are painted come with all the details shown in these pics and include the sling swivel and slings. Thanks for looking.
  12. Here is my latest batch of T-21s. I have 8 for sale IN THE FOR SALE SECTION. I will be offering three stain color choices. I have fixed some details on the barrel. The taper from big to small is as accurate as I have been able to achieve. I use a lathe machine and turn down a part to get the best taper I have ever done. The end of the barrel is also a new inside taper just for the look. The rips are vinyl tubing and completely circle the tube with a very small seem on the bottom. They look like they are complete circles on the tube. In the pics the top gun is done in a Dark Walnut stain along with the grips. The middle gun is done in a Rosewood dark red tinted stain along with the grips. The bottom gun is done in a Black satin stain along with the grips. The top and bottom gun look close to the same but the Dark walnut stain is more brown. The barrels are hollow so easy to carry. Each gun comes with the sling swivel attached to the gun and 2 straps that are stamped. You can check my ebay feedback 123arb123 to see I have shipped these all over the world with no problems from customs. Here are some pics. Thanks for looking.
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