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Hard Hat linings must not be created equal

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I just tried installing the hard hat lining from one of my hard hats. All went well except that I had no room to put my head comfortably. My lining has a big adjusting knob on the back. Maybe these don't work. Please share if you've found this to be true.

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If you live in the USA, try a Lowe's Hardware...they sell a white hard hat for around $6-7 that has an adjustable slider instead of the knob and once you cut the crown off and leave the rim (cutting the lip around the edge off of course) will fit inside your AP helmet. I cut the back so it is not a continuous rim which will allow for adjustment inside your helmet and then use double stick tape to secure it in...You have some level of adjustment with double stick tape and when you have it where you want it, press hard and it will secure it...if you want further secureness to it you can carefully squirt a bead of pure silicone all around the edge and leave it for 24 hours and then it will not move. With no foam inside the helmet you will get some air circulation inside the helmet which foam does not provide.....I can try and upload pictures if anyone needs a visual.....

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