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Stormtrooper commander blaster

TK bondservnt

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I'm getting ready to build a TKC and I need the details for the blaster.


I've seen photos somewhere before, but I was hoping that we could have a thread dedicated to them.


any help?


is it just an ROTJ version, with different T Tracks and muzzle?

with working folding stock?

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the details in the game are lacking a little, and i have been unable to locate the blaster texture file in the game database.


in the artwork i have seen, the stormtrooper blasters appear to be ESB style??, and in game-play this is only evident from the blasters tip (but even that is hard to see in good detail)so untill i can gather a bit more data here is some info i have collected


here is the cover art with the best veiw of the blaster i can find



but on the other hand... the only other E-11 in the star wars universe seen with an extended stock was the E-11B


the E-11b on endor



The BlasTech E-11b blaster rifle was an expertly and expensively modified version of the standard issue blaster rifle used by the Imperial stormtroopers during the Galactic Civil War, which were modeled after the DC-15 series used in the Clone Wars. These weapons were often found in the hands of Rebel troops, namely those in the Battle of Endor.


The original BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle was powerful and light, and nigh innumerable due to its use by the Imperial forces. However its inaccuracy and overheating were listed among the item's drawbacks. Modified by skilled Blastech and SoroSuub armorers who defected to the Rebel Alliance, the Blastech E-11b's main changes were the addition of expensive cooling units, making these weapons less likely to overheat at higher fire rates.


The basic E-11 and modified E-11b were 438mm long with the folding stock folded, though the E-11b was usually seen extended. Unmodified, the E-11 weighed 2.6 kilograms. The power cell housing opened on the left side of the action housing, above the trigger, giving it a low profile. The original E-11's plasma gas cartridges allowed for over 500 shots, while the powercells lasted for about 100 shots, depending on setting. Whether this power cell or cartridge life was extended for the modifications made to create the E-11b is unknown.



so personally i think both ESB and ROTJ styles could be used, the extended stock is really the only definite TKC unique detail that sets it apart from the other types. but IMHO the ROTJ E-11B is a better choice ;)

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that looks like a standard sterling base with an m19!


no greeblies.


the cover art just shows the standard sterling base and m38 or m40


we don't have a screenshot showing TKC holding a blaster?

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here is the best i could get from the game




E-11 texture files ( these took a ton of work to get :blink: )


you can almost see t-tracks on the purple skin :)





i just noticed that there is in fact ROTJ greeblies on the TKC E-11.... look closley at the lower right hand section of the textures ( it is the main receiver) you can see two ROTJ greeblies B)




and with that... this detail is pinned :D

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