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  1. I've done some experiments with tempera paint. It comes off easier than real dirt does. If I do it, it'll be with that paint, so I can convert back and forth with ease.
  2. Someone correct me if need be, but after I saw these guys I watched "Troops" and the new "I.M.P.S" short, and I'm 99.9% sure that these are the guys from those productions. I wish my boots had that tread!
  3. Thanks Daetrin. I agree it's a little TOO dirty, but there's something about their style and accessories that makes them look more "realistic," meaning, I could see these being actual troopers on some far away planet. Well-worn, for lack of a better word. One of my main interests in this style (other than the dirt) is the pouches and accessories. Being 6'4, there is a little more black showing than most, and I'd like to hide it better with extras.
  4. If I wanted to dirty my armor (not REALLY dirty, just fairly well-used) and add a leather pouch or two, but NOT be a sandtrooper...what is that? Can you be a dirty "deployed" TK? I saw some guys at Celebration IV, I think they were from the Black Sheep Squadron ("Troops"), and I loved their armor. It's modified TK, but not fully TD. Can I do this? Will the 501st still give me a TK ID? Here's a picture I took for reference.
  5. I don't know how I'd survive without this site. Paypal sent. T
  6. Thanks for all the interest and everyone that bought strips. Unfortunately, I have NO MORE of the rubber to send out. TC
  7. That guy looks like he's wearing a wig. Also, is he dressed like Flash Gordon? What's with the ring around his shoulder? It totally looks like one guy they zoom in on slowly in documentaries...the one guy who does something bad...and then needs a documentary made about him. That poor dewback. Here's a bigger one...
  8. Yeah, it's weird to read those names we just recently learned, in text written so long ago. The evolution of the story is pretty astounding, too. It's literally exhausting to read.
  9. I don't know if any of you (or all of you) have already seen these pictures of some notable stormtroopers without their helmets on, but I thought I'd scan them for you just in case. They're from the huge new "Making of Star Wars" book. VERY nice buy if you don't already have it. Feel free to save and/or repost on the forum. TC
  10. Indeed. I threw Humbrol out there as a guess. Funny that I was right. Thanks for the info and for the links. I matched it up to the "Midnight Blue" and it's a the printer's right now.
  11. It's for an FX helmet. "Shocked" sounds a bit more dramatic than I meant it to. What I meant was, there seems to be a standard for everything, even though the consistency of the originals is, well, inconsistent. I thought by now there had surely become some "standard" for the tube stripes. I thought someone would post something like "even though nothing about the originals is consistent, most of us have settled on Humbrol blue#4," etc. I'm glad to know I can go ahead with the shade I chose and not expect any harsh critiques. The "for shame" comment was a joke, too...if I offended anyone, just being silly. Anthony, I'm glad you got your trim and you like it! Post some pics in that other thread! TC
  12. Nobody?! I can't believe it. I know that the originals where not exactly consistent, but with so many ultra-specific guidelines and accuracy concerns, I'm shocked that a color guide hasn't been established. FOR SHAME, TROOPS! (not really...I am still shocked though.) T
  13. I'm making my own blue vinyl tube stripes, and I want to get the color as accurate as possible. Can anyone supply me with an accurate digital color file (like a scan of a stripe) or a Pantone, Trumatch, or HKS color library #? I already have the stripes, I just want to tweak the color. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? Thanks! TC
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