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  1. I prob should just get another helmet. Thanks
  2. Email AM and I havent recieved an response back yet. I dont want to bug the guy. any other alternatives since I am making the am helmet a sandtrooper helmet?
  3. I havn't emailed him yet cause I assumed he was not making anything anymore. I will though. Thanks
  4. (Am 2.0 Helmet)I messed up my ears for the hemet. I trimmed to much and now when i tried to reshape they starting crack. Any chance where I might be able to get some replacements? Besides Ebay? Thanks
  5. This stuff works great for me. I was able to take apart my FX forearms and reapply the e-6000 glue when the first time i screwed up.
  6. Got my t tracks today, Thanks Smitty.
  7. Luke as a trooper as well..not sure how many others though.. i found these the other day for my kids..(cough)
  8. I just ordered a set after all these months. can't wait to get my stuff together..
  9. the outer pieces are ok, with plastic weld spots on it, not bad, but it irritates me, and doesn't look good. the inner pieces i i slashed them when i cut them open after it was glued with plastic welder. i should be getting a new arms and bicepts soon i hope (lesson learned) and i will use the bad one as a reference to make sure i get the right fit on the new ones.. the bicepts are gonna have to be shimmed deffinently and the arms i might glue the front halve and velcro the other. thanks for welcome you guys here are awesome
  10. I will post pics as soon as i get an idea of not screwing up. lol all the options i am going through now, not sure when i will get it together. i have new years week off, so i am gonna be doing a lot with this project.
  11. I read somewhere, people use thumbtacks and all other kinds of stuff. is it possible? even if you color them the right color? what size are the buttons anyway? is just better to buy the correct size buttons from Vaderdave? I am just getting ideas. thanks
  12. I know this is kind of an not so old thread, but i found something that might be good for the sidegaps and other parts?. just an idea (i bought one today to try) , it is a large drip pan i found in the bath area at home depot $19.99. (white semi glossy?, not glossy like fx armor, i little bit thinner but thicker than a sale sign) but it could do the trick instead of using sale signs and trash cans. here is pic of it. if it is any good, i will let everyone know. if this idea has been taken, sorry to post, as i haven't seen this idea around.
  13. Thanks very much for the welcomes. I hope my armor will be completed on schedule (spring time). For the time being, i will be reading more info, on the how to's and other stuff.. I need new fx arms and bicepts. Does anyone think i should just sell my other armorparts and just take a hit and buy another fx set with all the parts, or just wait till i get my grubby hands on the forearmes and bicept parts? BTW , i bought my set cheap.. any ideas??? If this is the wrong place to ask questions, lmk please.. Chris
  14. I sure did learn the hard way. if i could only go back in time. hmm! lol thanks for the advise.
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