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  1. Spent my build time today working on gluing the suit, (slow process with the limited amount of spring clamps I have, but can keep buying more.), putting in my frown screen and assembling my belt. Question on the holster... I'm a little confused by the wording in the CRL, specifically "The holster is affixed with only two fasteners at the bottom, one on each side." So does that refer to how the holster is affixed to the belt by the 2 straps up top?
  2. Ugh. So, tried to fix the original ears. Including trying to fix the countersink issue using the technique in one of the tutorials. Somehow I managed to screw that up, so now 1 hole on each ear is too big for my current screws. May be salvageable if slightly larger screws than the 6/32" screws I have are acceptable? Moved to the second ears. Used the toothpick/pencil/rubber band method. Only got the one ear done so far, and pretty sure I over trimmed it. I'm gonna put it down for the day and go bang my head on the wall.
  3. Thanks for the info. Think I might need to do the ears. over from scratch. Don't know why the pics are showing so small. I was actually worried they were too big... Been editing down to 400x5-something on imgur. These next 2 closeups are 500x667
  4. Thanks for the tutorial. Once again, glad I bought ATA. I think I need to redo my ears from scratch.
  5. So, forging ahead. I'm still not 100% on the ears, but if I screwed them up too badly, then thankfully my kit came with 2 identical sets. Letting paint and plasti dip dry today, then tomorrow. I'll put in lenses and padding, plus start working on assembly of the suit itself. Unfortunately my snaps and the remainder of my elastic, strapping and velcro won't be here for another week.
  6. Thanks for the tip. Here's some additional further back shots. Front... Here's the right hand side of the helmet, the one that the brow is sitting low on. I still had a gap, and put a 3rd rivet under where the ear will go to solve that issue. Closeup of the right hand side cause I don't think I have enough material to adjust that side but could be wrong. And lastly, the left hand side.
  7. So, progress, but it's not right. Clearly my bucket is crooked. The way I see it I have 2 options....drill out the rivets on the high side and lower them to even it out. Or, I have some play with the brow. (I haven't glued the trim in yet.) I could trim that plastic under the trim to even it out. Thoughts?
  8. I went with an ATA kit, and I'm perfectly happy with it so far.
  9. Wanted to publicly thank @justjoseph63 for the massive amount of help he gave me yesterday. I am light years ahead of where I was and learned a ton of good info, and it's all thanks to him.
  10. Ok never mind the Rubies. If it can't make Centurion I don't want to bother with it.
  11. Leaving in just over an hour to go meet up with @justjoseph63 to work on my kit. I am gonna try and push through to get in under the wire.
  12. Found 2 potential blasters on EBAY and figured I would come to the experts to determine if either was worth purchasing 1st one is a modified Rubies blaster... https://www.ebay.com/itm/114360824279 And the 2nd.... https://www.ebay.com/itm/333452459381 Any and all advice appreciated.
  13. Talk about faster than expected turnaround. Ordered my boots on 7/9 and they arrived this morning. 1st impression is that I will definitely need to break them in a bit and buy insoles, but overall very happy with the purchase. Now just need holster, TD cylinder and clips, and my E11.
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