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  1. Decide to hunker down and research more. I'm trying to figure out BF2's texture system and once that is done the body is a breeze. I managed to get it in the game. I'm so close. lol
  2. Is there a mid poly or lower poly version of these helmets? I've been trying to get the helmet modded into Battlefront 2 but it's just so dang high poly and the way the helmet was modelled prevents the level of accuracy I would like to have. If not, I can find other ways. Thanks.
  3. I still have a ways to go but if I keep it up maybe in a month I could have a really nice mod, at the very least a nice render model. I added the black part of the mustache/mouth and then I whipped up a body. Am I missing anything model wise? Proportions could be worked on. I used DICE's assets and there are proportions issues and such. BTW any progress on the armor set? Can't wait to see it and hope everyone here is doing fine.
  4. I managed to notice that in edit mode the shape of the vents(?) were outlined because of how the model was made, so I selected the vertices and made a new material. New render, still chipping away at it.
  5. FYI (assuming there may be a miscommunication) I only textured and rendered out the helmet. Thanks again for these amazing helmet models, DeltaReynolds, Skylu3D, Nico Henderson (Titanantinium). I'm not sure how I'm going to add the vents or the 501st markings in Blender accurately as I generally use procedural textures and the helmet is very high poly. I hope to have a nice full body model to render from some time this year.
  6. It's been a while and my skills with Blender got better and tinkered with the helmets again. Still a WIP.
  7. https://www.nexusmods.com/starwarsbattlefront22017/mods/6950?tab=description
  8. I made a crude texture and a Blender turn table animation. I did not add the 501st color nor the vent stripes. Of course I credited everything. Colors are probably not accurate as well. I just wanted to add another gorgeous render to this thread. 4K, 60fps. 200mm render focal length, 300 samples.
  9. Considering Clone Troopers and most Stunt Stormtroopers have a spacing between the visor and head band, I believe the best route, at least for me, is to have a space between the visor and band. What do you guys feel about the spacing? Do you agree or do you like the visor and band touching? Thanks again for the files. I made a Blender render of the V2 helmet but since there are no textures it may be hard to see.
  10. I wasn't really focusing on the shading, just that it needs to be shaded in. Cheers
  11. Let's not forget the cheek area and back portion. Seems to be forgotten in a lot of fan art. Also, I'm really happy seeing all the mods, clips, figures and overall recognition of these guys this past year. Finally getting noticed. Disney NEEDS to recanonize this armor.
  12. Interesting. I thought it was just a low quality ST belt. I guess I got yeeted. Then I guess just continue making it from scratch.
  13. BTW the Triton belt is definitely a Stormtrooper belt, not a Clone Trooper one but this is all for fun anyway. I would never sell anyone's work, just want the pretty stuff for myself and already sent a message. And it's kinda hard to judge the helmet shapes without turnarounds so I meant no disrespect if I was overstating any slight differences. Definitely getting close to completion with this project and hope I can tag along one day. I'm 22 and kinda look like Temuera Morrison but really younger. Even got the eyebrows on fleek. Would be perfect for me to cosplay as a Clone of Fett and wear this bad boi. And on whether these are Clone Troopers or Stormtroopers. They are both. However a Stormtrooper cannot always be a Clone Trooper, but a Clone Trooper can always be a Stormtrooper. So I vote Stormtrooper. It's also far post RotS and the Empire was already years into calling them Stormtroopers. IMO
  14. Found this. Totally looks b*dass (is cussing allowed here?). I really REALLY want to cosplay as this. The helmet is a tad different here but isn't as skinny as the attempt in this thread, but is still totally a great attempt at converting the essence into realism(which is especially difficult when converting stylized TCW characters and such into Realism). Credit is on the image. What I like about this mod is that it uses the existing armor assets instead of starting from scratch. The only thing about this design is the helmet and that should be the focus when getting this cosplay right. What do you guys think about the helmet? Also when the mod releases you can convert the mod files to 3D printing.. which I hope will be easier than rolling dice and hoping this thread has a complete 3D print file made by OP.
  15. Can't wait until you're done so that I can purchase whatever and put together my own set of armor. Good luck!
  16. Absolutely love it. Maybe I should spend the virus stimulus funds on this? lol. Also kinda gives me First Order vibes for some reason... probably the visor area.
  17. Would also be neat to see other legions with this type of armor. However let's start with the basics. Very happy to see the progress.
  18. Do you have any specific social media that I could follow to keep up to date? I personally don't care about 501st approval, I care more on the helmet and accuracy of it. Would love to suit up as these dudes.
  19. The forehead in the recreation protrudes too much. I think you should lift the face forward a bit. Look at the side references. Anyway, my sperginess brought me here and I would love to cosplay as a Triton Squad Phase 3 501st Clone Stormtrooper from the Force Unleashed Wii/PS2/PSP Kashyyyk. That's a mouthful! Anyway, if you could post a link to that model file, whether for free or purchase, that would be epic. I want one of those Etsy helmet gurus to print one out for me... eventually when my wallet regenerates.
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