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  1. Triton Squad is now in Jedi Fallen Order! https://icedrive.net/s/1YRfaDPbF9WaD71QQSCGSQTuzwuW
  2. Accidentally rendered it as RGB and not RGBA, but here you go. Also with a Night Ops Trooper. I'll have the Thrawn guy up on my icedrive within 30 minutes. It's in the Phase 3 style. Though I may make a mockup of an exact rendition of that Thrawn illustration.
  3. It's interesting. Those guys look like Stormtroopers with Phase 2 Clone helmets. Shoulder pads are Marshall Commander pads(like Commander Cody) but without the groves, but the rest of the body is 100% Stormtrooper. While the helmet color is orange(might me lighter than 212th), it's more in the shape of the 501st stripe but with the white between the visor and headband like with some of the 327th Star Corps. There's also that one with the orange knee, I'm assuming he's higher rank.
  4. White, 501st, Shock and 212th are now done and in the link above. 501st and 212th side by side.
  5. Someone got mad I used fair use by using a slither of their normal map texture for the body glove and with credit. Rest of the textures are custom or vanilla. Fair use doesn't seem to exist. Weird. All my mods are in my icedrive. Here's the link, again: https://icedrive.net/s/6xjGAG267W2yfgX6BA6jBjzfBf2h
  6. I released the updated mod. Edit: My mod has been taken down and my account has been deleted. So my mods are here: https://icedrive.net/s/6xjGAG267W2yfgX6BA6jBjzfBf2h
  7. Looks so much better. Thanks again, everyone here. This remaster also has texturing on the mic pieces and mouth mesh. A lot of stuff I learned the first time around I corrected with this.
  8. I was just shocked that none of the Triton Squad lines from the PS2, PSP, WII versions of TFU have been extracted. I'm pretty google savvy and couldn't find anything. I am hoping to do some animations with the lines, but Temuera is still my go to for Clones. I do have a bunch of Temuera Morrison lines that I unearthed from both Battlefronts if anyone needs them. Even the cut campaign objectives. Here is the campaign objectives(in order):
  9. Has anyone been able to rip the Triton Squad voice lines straight from the game?
  10. I got the updated armor I've been working on imported in Battlefront 2 and now it's just about hammering down the textures and fixing any bugs like clipping or rig issues. There are ZERO overlapping UVs. My original attempt had a lot of those because n00b. I'm so much better at this and excited to see the new version done some time soon, maybe in a week. Taking my time to really make it beautiful. WIP.
  11. So three versions, Game, Concept, and Ubertastic flawless lore accurate mega ultra fan version. I am feeling like this is a really good balance. Thanks for your models and insight. Looks so much better now.
  12. Decided to use that belt but edited to match the concept art. It's more like a CT ever so subtly this way but it's also clearly leaning TK as well. Starting off more fresh, Once I get the White textures done I can easily add any wearing or legion markings. Better to add than subtract.
  13. I actually only ever played the first level on the Wii. lol. I usually watched video games in my household. Based on the concept art I think that's a Clone knee and more or less in the same position but it's now connected to the leg armor at the bottom instead of being it's own thing. So I can probably raise that knee a bit up on my model. If you haven't noticed, the concept art belt and in game belt has the boxes moved. Concept shows 3 mini squares and the in game shows 5. Meaning I'm right if I go with the concept art interpretation with where to put the big boxes at, it would be like a Clone belt in that regard. However it's clear to me that the belt really is that simplistic.
  14. Another rough concept for a "(prequel)movie accurate" version. This looks so much like a Stormtrooper now despite it being "written" in the Clone Trooper format. Especially with those shoulders. Stomach armor needs a proportional edit that I will have to do later on to make the fancy bits more visible. What color should the buttons be? Black or dark blue?
  15. I just see it as an E-11 but because it's an old low poly game it's oversized. I chuck it as a game limitation/oversight/graphical issue for that period of game development. Considering how the Phase 3 is vastly Clone inspired as is, it leans in towards the Stormtrooper aspect more if you go with the E-11 and balances out more. "It's like poetry, it rhymes".
  16. Well I did mention this forum to him on Discord. Thank you guys for all the parts and resources. These bois are epic. Love sharing in the fandom here.
  17. Going to have to replace the knee boxes now. lol. Looks more transitional with your parts and suggestions, Josh/Jazter. Epic. Also got that RotS chest gap thing going on with this mock up that I ripped from a mod by EldeBH. Edited down the Clone belt myself. As for the knee pad, IDK which way I'm going to go about it ATM. I want something that is "lore accurate" or "(prequel)movie accurate". I feel like the game interpretation is more or less nailed down and should get a CRL started up. So ideally a game CRL and a movie inspired look CRL. Quick mock up.
  18. Here's Deggial Nox's revamped version. Paywalled mod. Anyway it looks stunning and is a 1:1 recreation of the game model. I'm biased towards the "lore accurate" version, but I would be lying if this recreation wasn't stunning. Anyway this should be a good reference if you want to have a 1 to 1 recreation. Glad my mod forced his hand (Joke). I downloaded some of jaztermareal's models as listed above and plan to update my interpretation. Also if you want to really be RotS accurate like I am trying to do, the chest piece should be nearly touching the belt and not having this huge gap. Example of proper gap between chest piece and belt.
  19. Okay finally noticed that the stomach armor is indeed a completely original piece and not a Stormtrooper piece, I never noticed that lol. And I see the difference in the knee piece after comparing the in game models. If I ever revisit the modelling process I'll correct them. I still prefer the Clone belt as a base, but there should be more of a morph to the TK belt. Maybe eliminate the excess boxes and smooth out the surfaces. I would still like to keep the two big boxes where they are on the CT belt but more flat and smooth. Here's a quick concept of a more transitional belt.
  20. Here's a render based off of the variant cover of Darth Vader and the Lost Command.
  21. Fair point! But I'm still convinced I'm right muhaha! Judging by the concept art, the Stormie kneepad thing ... I got right. Maybe it's a Clone Trooper belt with Stormtrooper pockets in the Clone Trooper pocket location? The helmet looks kinda goofy here and I can't put my finger on it. Oversized? Is it because it's asymmetrical? Side note: I fixed the blue arm stripes on my Triton mod as a separate texture mod. The blue stripe is clearing on the top side as seen here.
  22. In case anyone wanted an Imperial Commander Cody concept. (Not perfect) The world seems to be going nuts. However I will try my best to get at least the helmet(to clarify the 501st design) 3D printed this year(hopefully).
  23. This is 100% proof the Triton belt has to be a Clone belt. No doubt.
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