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  1. I asked no reply. I usually get better reply’s in good old whitearmor.
  2. Can anyone tell me what version of the don post tie fighter helmet this is? i know the Jaw holes have been hollowed out to fit tubes.
  3. Hi requesting 501st access tk-15920 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=31397
  4. Thanks my friend. I feel very accomplished. Still some work to be done but the hardest part is behind me.
  5. I know it’s been a while on updates but I completed the suit. Submitted and got my approval email tk-15920 I could not have gotten this far with out whitearmor.net and all you great members.
  6. Can this be used as a base for E11 build ?
  7. Are these pencil lines good for cutting. From what I have seen for the wtf armor it’s zero edge for the buttons and a about a 1/8” for the larger ab button plate and none for the small ab button plate. Is that correct?
  8. Added a little Velcro to protect the armor
  9. Almost done with Thermal detonator!
  10. Thanks. I have had to customize some parts but it for sure is coming along. I’ll continue to update.
  11. Boots in from IB. They are very well made. Still experimenting with what type of closing I wa t for shins I like the elastic and hook method but also like the security of the Velcro.
  12. Made some TD clips first try ever. I think they came out ok. Thanks to theswede13 for help on the measurements.
  13. Awesome thanks buddy pm incoming
  14. Thanks buddy. Let me know either way. I appreciate it.
  15. So ran to a little issue the split rivets I ordered are way to short. I need ones with longer ends. Anybody have any extras they can sell me or know we’re I can get the proper ones? I ordered some from a guy on the pages but have not heard back from him and that was like 3 weeks ago lol.
  16. Removed a bunch of return edge. Will test for tomorrow.
  17. Forearms almost done. Will be removing a little of the return edge from the shoulder bells .
  18. Yes sir I have been measuring 3 times before any cutaneous just to make sure before cutting Ect. I will be readjusting my snap setup this weekend as there are some week spots and parts that don’t sit how I want them to Sit.
  19. Thank you. It’s a lot of fun building this but stressful at the same time of that’s possible.
  20. That’s a good idea. Thank you for letting me know I was not sure if that would make it less screen accurate and thus keep me from getting 501st approved. I also ordered the shorter thigh setup from Walt’s with a few other parts I feel I need to upgrade. Not sure how long that will be until I get those but I’ll try to finish everything else in the meantime.
  21. back side. Like I stated earlier have to raise the back about an inch and a half. But everything else looks correct. Excuse the piece of tape photo bombing the pic. Also the left arm bicep had slipped down. That has been corrected
  22. I apologize upfront as I did not take many pics of the start of this build but will try to make up for it with the rest. This build has been very trying as I am only 5’6”. Lots of trimming and joining has been done. Photo above is what I have done thus far. Back plate is a little low but hope to correct that soon. Working on forearms and belt next. This is my first ever build of any kind of this magnitude.
  23. I think I have an separate piece from a old set of armor I purchased if you still need one let me know
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