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  1. I am disappointed that i won't be able to join in on all the 501st fun, but am grateful to have the community as a resource. Nice to know the manufacturer of my suit. I'm also thrilled to have a life-size stormtrooper standing next to my television. Thanks for the help. This story has a happy ending. My brother-in-law will be able to 3-D print the needed parts at his school.
  2. Thanks for the info gentlemen. I've reached out to each of Jim Tripon and SDS for help. I purchased this suit on eBay in April 2005. It's been in a box, unassembled (other than the helmet), for the last fourteen years. Finally put it together.
  3. Sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area. My helmet has the vocoder as a separate piece. It is not molded into the faceplate. It is missing and I cannot find a replacement. Could someone point me in the right direction?
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