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  1. I just placed a group order to be shipped to:

    Susan Holloway 

    N9370 Exploration Ave.

    Appleton, WI 54915


    There is a total of 5 shirts and 5 forms submitted. I ordered and paid for the following:


    Original Trilogy TK (1 Unisex Small)

    Original Trilogy TK (1 Unisex Medium)

    First Order TK (1 Youth 10Y)

    First Order TK (1 Unisex Small)

    First Order TK (1 Unisex Medium)


    I paid a total of $222.75 ($194.75 for all 5 shirts plus $28 shipping)

    Pay Pal Transaction ID 4TK87181TH8854158


    Please reply so I know everything was ordered correctly and that you were able to receive all 5 of my forms submitted and payment in full. My transaction ID was just listed on the last form I submitted. I forgot to add payment notes on my Pay Pal transaction listing address & sizes and can’t find a way to go back and add it. 

  2. I am ordering 4 adult size and 1 youth size shirts. How much do I pay for shipping?  Shipping rates listed show for 4 shirts maximum. Do I pay that plus 1-2 shirts rates for shipping?  Please reply ASAP. Thank you. 

    1. TK-42134


      Where are these shirts headed?



    2. Susan Holloway
    3. Susan Holloway

      Susan Holloway

      I paid $28 for shipping. I hope that’s right. 

  3. Requesting Access Please. Susan Holloway (TK 55173) https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30293 I am also wanting to purchase racing shirts. Where do I find that info. to order them?
  4. Susan Holloway (TK 55173) https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=30293
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