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  1. Thank you everyone! I received so much help from troopers in my Garrison and from around the world. There are some adjustments being made, but yes, I am very interested in submitting for EIB, so thank you for the link and the checklist. I will also post in the "sound off" area, too! -Brad TK/IN/ID/IC 99611
  2. TK 99611 reporting for duty and requesting access, please! https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=28437 - Brad
  3. I haven't been updating this thread like I intended (pandemic, day job, etc.) but I got approved yesterday! I can troop! (maybe...) Still a ways to go in my journey, but this is a big step forward. Thank you to everyone who has commented or provided encouragement. I had SO much help from everyone. Front Right Left Rear Action I need to work on my shims to clean up the seams, and I'm going to make another TD. But I'm really happy so far! Again, thank you to everyone on FISD who helped me with this.
  4. So like a lot of people, the vast majority of my time has been spent adjusting to a new reality for living and work. I'm a science teacher at a high school in the US, so for me that meant figuring out how to best serve students remotely, while observing social distancing as much as possible. That work is getting done, as well as some volunteering for my community. Trooping for now is out, armor building has plummeted in the list of priorities. But today, I allowed myself some research into the next step (and final part of my build that I haven't started at all.) Yes
  5. Hello everyone, I found the reference below for, among a lot of other useful information, the dimensions of the main ammo belt for an ANH Stunt TK, and I'm looking for a slightly higher resolution graphic (older eyes.) So, confirming that on the main belt, the ends are trimmed 1 1/2 US inches from the end "ammo pack." The corners are trimmed at a 45 degree angle 1/2 US inches from the corners. The buttons on the end are centered and 3/4 US inches from the end on both sides of the belt. Measuring 3 times before trimming anything and all, and I mostly want to make
  6. Yes, that is next on the agenda, thank you for the suggestion! And I can feel in in my lower leg mobility when my thighs sit too low. Raising them forthwith!
  7. Some progress over the last couple of weekends - finished the torso, constructed some suspenders, and attached 3" stretch fabric (with two snaps) for the thighs. The thighs straps will eventually attach to the belt via a snap or sewn loop, but for now it's velcro until I get a better handle on how I want my belt to sit, and how high I want my thighs. Not my actual undersuit, and sorry about the white legs! And I can get in and out of it, and (for now) the snaps are all behaving. Next up: shoulder bridges. It is kind of a momentous occasion because
  8. I thought I had it, here is a closer look. It might be a perspective thing. If all else fails I have another plate from my first attempt (it's in the rear of this image) that I could rework. In any case, I'm very grateful for your detailed feedback. Thanks again.
  9. Ah, I see what you mean. I've trimmed the ends of the plate, not I think the proportions are better.
  10. Early Thanksgiving greetings fellow troopers, sorry to fall of the map for a few weeks but life intervened. I bolo'ed the first TD, but I acquired a second kit. It's assembled below, nothing is attached or glued permanently, but if possible I'd like a readout on the positioning. The clips are aligned with the end caps, I *think* that addresses the lack of gap comment from a few weeks ago. The length is perfectly 7.5". The plat "sits" on the tops of the clips as per suggestions. If the positioning is good, I will deburr one more time with fine sandpaper and start attach
  11. Excellent feedback, thank you! Yep, you're right - the TD came up 6 7/8", a bit short, and I think I will remake it. Next one will be much better and faster now that I know how to do it. Glad to be making fixes now instead of closer to being finished.
  12. It was bound to happen. Got up early to work on armor on Sunday, I knew I needed 3 holes spaced on the ab armor, 10 mm from the edge, evenly spaced, and I dutifully drilled them.....on the RIGHT side. Once my temper was back under control, I knew I had plenty of resources here at the FISD/whitearmor.net to help out with ABS paste, and filling gaps. Some patience, sanding, polishing, more polishing, and elbow grease later, it looks almost as it was before, and all is right as rain. The top hole simply became the male snap fitting I needed anyway. The bottom hole will be cove
  13. Thank you so much, I worked on this so long and so late that my mind was going places - bad places, as in I really wrecked something. But this sounds promising. If the color difference is too noticeable, I'm sure I can take your advice and paint.
  14. I spent much of the last 3 days measuring, trimming, and sanding theab, codpiece, posterior, and the kidney. I need to shim my kidney piece, so I read up on shimming and joining pieces with ABS paste. It's my first go at it, and I'm sure I used way too much, which I now need to deal with. The kidney piece is of course "curved", and the extra material supplied by WTF is actually a bit thicker than the armor, so I had to use more ABS paste than I would have liked. (The good news is that the sizing was right.) This piece was deliberately made a bit tall, as I intend to furth
  15. That moment when you realize you don't know what you don't know. I see I can take a bunch off of the front sides of the chest plate (leaving the bottom alone as it seems that rivets are mounted underneath. I found myself stuck, so I paused to find a number of great threads on what to trim next, and I think I know how to proceed with the ab plate, kidney, posterior, and codpiece. I can see that after trying on the kidney and ab plate, it looks like I"m in for some shimming :-/ and I am looking for the best tutorial - this one (by MoSc0ut, also with WTF armor) seems quite comp
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