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  1. my quoted shipping date is supposed to be the week before Christmas, so we will see.
  2. after wearing the rubber gloves for a little bit I can see what you guys mean. You have to peel them off after wearing them for a few minutes, and I can't imagine how hot and uncomfortable they are after several hours. So I'll at least get a liner if not a new nomex glove
  3. I bought But I haven’t received it yet. They guys at WTF said I just need to by my soft goods: so boots, under suit, voice box, holster and stuff like that. I should be getting my stuff in a month so I can keep you posted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. This is a crappy diagram of how it could work for a pocket projector HUD. However, depending on angle (which depends on the minimum focus distance) galactic citizens may most likely see they light from the hud in the lenses. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. What I'm thinking might work for a HUD would be a reflective glass in front of the lens inside the helmet and a pocket-projector using raspberry Pi. The build I'm looking at only get up to about 100*F so it would be warm at worst. Im thinking I could run a looped video with vitals, and different mission info or no mission info. If this works I would make different missions you could cycle through, different vitals, or weapons details to display.
  6. after wearing them for a little bit I can see what you mean. You have to peel them off after wearing them for a few minutes, and I can't imagine how hot and uncomfortable after several hours.
  7. I was thinking something like that at first but as others have pointed out and as I have thought about it, it's too big. So know I'm moving more in the direction of a heads-up display idea
  8. What I’m thinking might be possible would be a raspberryPI pocket projector and a glass lense inside the helmet to reflect the beam back. If spaces right you could have a hud over the lense like a red dot, but projecting a loop of aurebesh vital signs, mission details like the face of a person, planetary info with things like weather. I’ll have to look at the dimensions of it but it appears to fit in ones palm and is approximately the width of ones fingers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. However, if the screen is too close to focus on if mounted directly behind the trooper lenses. You could utilize a mirror to reflect your vision down to the lower lip of the lid where one could mount a small lcd display. I was also thinking, due to the headroom, you could build a reflective housing that looks like lenses to house the camera, or one could use a small standard raspberry camera module v2 with its 1/4" lense in the vocodor or mounted in a reinforced lense unlike the previous one listed above, its smaller and doesn't utilize any form of night vision which saves space and power. The camera would only have a 60 degree field so it wouldn't be fisheyed and distorted. But the more I think about it, the less space there is in the helmet so Ill need to find another plan
  10. you cant, thus my idea is just a fever dream, for now
  11. for a less than screen accurate bucket, you could take to micro IR lamps make a housing with wire mesh and use those as Hovi Mic tips that would provide light for night vision. Than use a raspberry Pi NoIr that can switch between Day and night vision. The lense width is a little less than 1/2 inch so you could for no accuracy and pure function drill a hole in the vocoder and make it flush or hide it behind or flush with the eye lenses. but the screen is still a potential issue for the idea.
  12. Well you see, when you have a sleep deprived brain from writing college essays for 4 weeks straight and really like an idea you forget about details like that. It also doesn’t help I haven’t gotten my hands on my own bucket yet so I don’t truly know the amount of space is in a helmet. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. So after doing some research, I think the most cost-effective and mountable option would be a Raspberry Pi unit. This would involve the main board, a power source, 1-2 cameras -- depending if someone wanted to make a vr like setup -- and a small LCD screen, preferably 2 channel. What I want to do when I eventually prototype this would be to incorporate 2 fisheye lenses of at least 130-degree field of view. My idea, for now, would be to have a PI noIR camera in one eye and the regular camera in the other. The cameras would both be mounted center on a smoke trooper lense, with the camera flush with the lenses to help hide them. Next to each camera, behind the lenses, would also be two small UV or IR bulbs. These would provide the illumination for the PI NoIR, as light should not be visible to us but will be for the camera. It would also have an external button hidden just under the lip of the bucket or perhaps a hidden wireless button on the thermal detonator, that would be used to switch inputs and turn on the IR or UV lights allowing the helmet to utilize a form of night vision as well. Thoughts?
  14. Alright so I think I know how to work this out, you buy a mixed reality headset, take it apart and extend the wires for the cameras so you can place them where you want. You then either use on board batteries or run a power line down your suit under the armor to a power pack you could store in the thermal detonator. Being that it is a mixed reality headset I’m sure there is a way to interface an actual heads up display that could be personalized for clones, troopers, bounty hunters, Vader, etc. this could have things like vital signs and maybe even a fake environment settings. For the more ambitious programmer someone could probably have it interface with a digital thermometer or a weather app and get localized temperature in the display amongst other things and aurebesh. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. So I was bored and got to thinking. what’s the feasibility of buying a smartphone rear camera, for instance the IPhone X camera with its two lenses, and placing it in a bucket with one centered in each eye with the camera(s) attaches to a glass or sturdier plastic tinted lense. This would then be wired to a monitor like an oculus rift. Pair this with urkswraths mic tips and hearing aids and you got the closest thing to what the helmet is supposed to be like. Now I’m assuming any micro camera or pair of cameras could function with each feed being sent to the corresponding eye. I just thought it was a cool concept idea with no idea if possible or not. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. @justjoseph63 nice lid! For centurion does the interior need to look like the visual guide like yours does? or just the exterior need to be accurate?
  17. I really like that idea, plus the variable mounting system would be easy for any sort of necessary adaptions
  18. he does include those, I contacted him. By blackout material, I meant plasti-dip/flex-seal or thin foam pads for the interior of the helmet, to both blackout light coming through the thin plastic and to better sound proof it. External sound won't be an issue as I have purchased Urkswrath's hearing kit, and his fan kit should also help mitigate any gained heat retention. I think I'm leaning more towards Plasti-dip as it won't as easily hinder internal mounting of electronics and helmet padding
  19. While I wait for the BBB I started glueing my hand guards onto my gloves. Thanks to Joseph for the great Handguards. I’m using E6000 glue and painter tape and athletic tape as I ran out of painters tape. I’m currently ordering more painters tape. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Dude that looks amazing! how much did it cost to do all those mods to your bucket?
  21. about mid-December, like the 16th, was the projected time
  22. Sure is, and I got an Icomm this week. While I like the sound of Trooper Talk, I prefer the use of push-to-talk.
  23. Got my new Imperial Boots!!! comfortable and they fit really well
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