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  1. James Whitley

    TK-42775 Troop log

    3. 23 Feb 2019 Heritage hills care center.
  2. James Whitley

    OH DEAR GOD!!!! (A Kidney Plate Story)

    Well the ABS Is dry, need to break out the polisher for the last details and paint rivets, but PICS!!!! So Here's the inside that I had to reinforce due to 2 tears Honestly wasn't as hard as I thought it was gonna be, the biggest pain is waiting for ABS to dry, THIN LAYERS is the way to go, and put on extra, you can always sand it off.
  3. James Whitley

    OH DEAR GOD!!!! (A Kidney Plate Story)

    SOME!!!!!! LMAO BTW Your not allowed to leave, we love you too much around here.
  4. So after last nights troop and more looking at my armor, I decided to take cut (literally) out of the top of my ab plate. BTW A heat sealing iron on high will go straight through abs...... So I got cute and the excess (with the return edge on it that I cut of I ABS pasted to the inside of the ab plate Thankfully I have some wood working skills After melting a chunk out of it, I kinda fixed it. I realized that I didn't leave enough material to go all the way over for the return edge, It was actuly easier to use my heat gun and the wide attachment like an iron to get it hot and fold it over Bring on the ABS Paste. I think i got more stuck to my fingers than on the armor And here is a short video of me explaining what I did.....Yes you could have just watched the video..... So now to wait for the ABS to harden....... Then the joy of sanding........
  5. James Whitley

    Homemade Costumes, Aspiring Stormtroopers

  6. James Whitley

    TK-42775 Troop log

    2. 20 FEB 19 - Birthday party for matthew
  7. James Whitley

    Linz AM ANH build thread WIP

    Hey, @T-Jay Here's a question for ya.
  8. James Whitley

    Source for Snaps

    I also have a set of the plier type that I use to start it, But I finish with the Punch type, for two reasons, due to there are spots the pliers cant reach as well as none of my snaps rattle from being loose.
  9. James Whitley

    Source for Snaps

    Side Note = Buy extra snaps. It took me 4 or 5 tries to get setting them right, Better to have too many than not enough