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  1. Welcome! I finished my 5'2" sized kit this year - it can definitely be done and look amazing. Cricket and Sha Sha's build threads are awesome and there is a good FB group called "A little short for a trooper" that has some good resources.
  2. Absolutely STUNNING job! I loved following along with your paint/dirtying work.
  3. AWESOME!!! Thank you so much! I will definitely clean up that E-6000 and adjust my shoulder straps. That connection was puzzling - I knew it was weird but couldn't figure out how to modify it. I really appreciate the advice. I'll fix those boxes and get my new pics soon! On to Centurion
  4. Yup your hand guards were fantastic and super easy to adhere. Thanks @justjoseph63
  5. Woohoo! Great work. You did an awesome job. And your littlest build is adorable
  6. Side view close up pics have been added. Please let me know if there's anything I've missed
  7. Yeah, the clips came with the kit. I actually tried to file them down a bit smaller, but quickly gave up on that because my lack of proper tools was causing extreme rage.
  8. Thanks Dan - it's definitely a challenge being a hobbit Those darn stripes! LOL - I went back and forth so many times debating what was the right way to put them on. You'd think with a 50/50 chance I might have got lucky. I'll get them perfect on my next build! The TD is 7.5" - I tried to get the ruler in my pic, but it didn't look great. Options for pan head screws are limited here in Canada. I'll be darned if I can remember the size I bought, but they fit into the same holes as the "original" kit screws (if that's relevant).
  9. Oh, I wasn't sure if linking to my pre-submission photos would be sufficient. I can definitely add them on here individually though
  10. Thanks! Oops - was hard to tell in that one pic, but the tips are white. Here's a better view
  11. Name: Jenny Mehan TK Number: TK-21615 Forum Name: JenEcho Garrison: Capital City Garrison (Canada) Armor maker: AP Helmet maker: AP Cloth belt maker: AP Silicone hand guards: JustJoseph63 Neck seal maker: Geeky Pink Boot maker: TK Boots TK type: ANH Stunt Blaster: Brett Fulford Now that I've got a handful of troops under my belt, it's time to see if I've got the right stuff for EIB and Centurion. Thanks again for all your help here on these forums. This build can be overwhelming, but the advice and love from you guys kept me going. Link to my pre-approval submission: Front Left Back Right Close up left side Close up right side Pew pew Action shot Buttons Strapping Shoulder straps secured with elastic Belt Functional Drop Box TD with pan head screws Cod rivet Posterior snaps Functional snaps and rivet Male snap on right side Split rivets Ammo pack rivet Ammo pack rivet (interior view) Sniper knee Sniper knee Forearms with no return edge Squishy Helmet side Helmet front Other side Helmet back Green lenses S-trim Interior electronics Neck seal - Geeky Pink TK boots Blaster D-ring
  12. This looks absolutely stunning. Loving your attention to detail!!
  13. I was worried about this too when my armour was laid out, but found that once it's on your body, the back will naturally lean out a bit and rest flat against the kidney. It took a bit of adjusting of the shoulder straps to get it just right, but it did look fine once it's on.
  14. Hi Scott! It was good to meet you and your wife at the armour party! Best of luck sourcing all your parts and you have some amazing local resources in Luc and Andy. I look forward to following your build.
  15. But I want it all to stay new and shiny!!!
  16. Another question - my sexy white boots are already starting to be rather dramatically scuffed/chewed into by the bottom of my shins. (I'll take a pic when I'm home tonight). Everything is sanded smooth at that bottom edge so I'm not sure what my options are to save the leather. I have stirrups velcroed to the front of the shins to keep them from riding up and rotating.
  17. LOL! No worries! I like armour discussions. Feels like I’m always learning something new
  18. A wider belt might be the way to go - I went with materials that I had on hand which was 1" nylon webbing and plastic clips. It's functional, but when I cinch it, it's definitely not a comfy fit.
  19. Ah that’s exactly what I was wondering! Thanks
  20. Tonight's tiny project - painting pan head screws (yay! found them). These will replace the dome headed ones currently on my TD. Plan is to get everything done and pics submitted for EIB (and Centurion?) before the end of July. Can I use my original submission pics and then add on the additional pics? Or, is it preferable to take all new pics? Looking forward to my first armour party tomorrow! Hoping to get some hands on advice on how to pad my shins/thighs because man, you wouldn't believe the bruises I've got from armour bites. Another question - has anyone strapped their thighs directly to their ab, rather than using a belt/garter system? My belt keeps slipping down while I troop - I guess suspenders would hold it up, but I was thinking that using elastic and snaps right on the inside of the ab might be more convenient?
  21. Cricket you’re a genius! I took off the tiniest amount and changed the shape of curve. It wasn’t so much where the dip was between the thighs, but the convex curve that was very unnatural against my cheek. I made it concave and it seems to be staying perfectly in place now. (Can’t share a direct Imgur link on my phone). https://imgur.com/a/jnOnagw
  22. So I think you're on to something @Cricket! I wish I could remember what an "original" length thigh curve looked like. I feel like if I made the swoop so it sits more under my booty, my cheek could kind of hold it in place? Eep! Now that I'm taking my armour out for the first time since my troop, apparently I need to invest in some polish. Where did all these scuff marks come from?? And I'm thinking a bit of white fleece/felt at the end of my shins might stop them from cutting into my boots? There's already some scores in the leather.
  23. It was so much fun! Few tweaks to make to my armour, but it was WAY more comfortable and easy to wear than I expected. I absolutely love how grown ups love us just as much as kids. "does this armour make me look short?" LOL
  24. Oh that's a good thought! I'll take a better pic of it by itself tonight since you can't really see much here. Because I had to take sooooo much off it was pretty near impossible to maintain the original swoop and curve, but I think you're definitely on to something. I would really love to not have to dismantle, shim, ABS paste bla bla bla this one.
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