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  1. Rob only builds kits part time. It might take a bit for him to respond. How long since you emailed him? Sent from my SM-G950W using Tapatalk
  2. Could you have inner with inner and outer with outer on the thighs? Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  3. It all happened so fast. The contraband got quickly passed off to a Sherpa... Mrs Narc was quite vocal by the end of the parade at how heavy a bottle of Pickles is when you carry it for an hour and a bit
  4. Awesome. Now that the excitement of FanExpo has passed, there may be some opportunities for armour parties coming soon. I need to tune up my armour to finish off the tweaks to get my EIB then Centurion approvals. Work has me traveling shortly but I will let you both know if any armour parties are spoken of any time soon! For now, keep researching and prepping here.
  5. Welcome aboard Anthony! I am a fellow Ontarian (Milton). I also have a completed, approved RTMod suit. Sadly I did not create a build thread when I built my armour . I am here for info if you need it (and I can help ). I don't know if any armour parties coming up but I'll let you know if I hear of one.
  6. Congratulations Dan. I haven't been on here much lately. I am going to try and change that. I'll help you if/when you need it where I am able. For new and/or improved handles might I also suggest Candyman... Or possibly... THE NOTCH....
  7. Someone in our Garrison just posted this. Dunno know if this is what your looking for. http://m.ebay.ca/itm/371292509049?_mwBanner=1
  8. Let me know if you want ref pics
  9. I did not specify that I was building to Centurion either (not sure if Rob even offers to do things differently) but think I will have no issue. Once I got my kit I found out about Centurion and build it butt and cover (I followed Darth Aloha's thread and saw how he cried when he realised he couldn't get Centurion with overlap). I need to play with my belt, so the kidney corner notches and fix up the shims I had to add in my (fat guy) sides. Other than that I should be clear for Centurion! Oh yeah, and pull stickers and paint my bucket.
  10. I screwed mine up originally. I assembled with opening towards outside. I just ripped the cover strip off (didn't know about the freezer trick) and had no problem. Had you glued your sniper? I saw you were prepping. If you sanded for the sniper to glue that could be a pain . There is a left and right once you get the inners with the outers. The inners have more of a calf bulge, the outers more straight. Hopefully you'll see what I mean. I can take pics of mine if you need. I am RTMod as well. Not Centurion but very close! I need to build a blaster for EIB. I know my armour is already EIB without question. Sadly I didn't do a build thread .
  11. That looks like you have connected two inners and two outers. RTMod is built for overlap. The notches at the tips are for overlap. Look at the bulge for your calf muscle. Also, don't forget to have the overlap at the back for your join (Velcro or whatever) so that it's opening faces inward so it cannot easily be seen by anyone looking.
  12. RT Mod through and through. Love it.
  13. The best part is, there are no bad troops, only reasons to get armoured up and when it's all done, enjoy dinner and or maybe a few beverages with an awesome group of people! [emoji7]
  14. Thanks Tim! This is invaluable. I HAD a lot of great help from my Garrison as I had (almost to the point of annoying) volunteered with them as much as I could before getting in, which allowed me to get to know them and receive guidance. All of that being said, I didn't want to pester them with every little detail. This will be a big help to all of those future TKs!
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