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  1. Great to hear, still very interested in this although I do not know if you have a list of people on-board or a approximate cost. Would love to be more permanently on-board if you formed a list.
  2. Another update before the armor arrives. Big shout out to Soulart for all her work The pictures in the link include: Gaskets, harness and neckseal from Soulart Cloth pouches from Gijin FOTK Helmet from Anovos Pistol from Heston3D Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/C1F1w I am looking into strapping now and I am going with snaps for pretty much everything. Looking into supplies now if anyone has suggestions for snaps. abs snap plates, elastic, velcro, etc...
  3. Small Update Everything (outside of helmet electronics) is either purchased or being built, and will be here shortly. Such a good feeling! I am getting an Anovos helmet for the time being, so as to have a completed FOTK costume for approval, then look to upgrade to a TLJTK when the crl is completed.
  4. So just an update, this is now officially a TLJ build! I can explain this a bit more if anyone is interested but for now I will move on with the build progress. ARMOR: The FOTK armor I am receiving is currently under production by Mimic and is still scheduled to arrive in October. He posted a few pictures to the build thread that I figured I would share here. (AGAIN! This is all the work of MIMIC!) GASKETS: As for the gaskets, they are being made by soulart and are under production as well. Here is a picture: (Mine are on the bottom with my name written on them!) Thank you Soulart and Mimic for all the work you are doing! As for items that have arrived: Shown in the picture are: Stormtrooper undersuit from www.stormtrooperundersuit.com Fits really well and is of great quality, although a little tight between the legs despite sizing up. Hard hat, the insert of which I will use for the suspension inside my bucket (thanks Ukswrath for the idea!) Gloves from www.endorfinders.com Great quality and accurate to the the CRL Belt kit from JAFO Really great quality with a few little extras as you can see, will need to wait until the armor arrives to assemble it. Thanks JAFO! F-11D Blaster from Heston 3D (https://www.etsy.com/listing/537606855/f-11d-se-44c-blaster-combo) Looking forward to more items arriving as they become available such as boots and clothes pouches also if someone has a balaclava preference feel free to share!
  5. Oh nice thanks for the link, those are definitely more accurate cause of the pinky not being white like in the imperialboots ones. If anyone has a pair from Endorfinders let me know how they are, Ill try and find out myself in the meantime.
  6. Glad I got in contact with you! Thanks for your work! Really excited to be getting Mimic's kit, have read nothing but amazing things about it!
  7. Hello everyone! My name is Bennett and I am a cadet for Garrison Carida in Pennsylvania. This will be the first time I will be setting up armor and then hopefully asking to be accepted into the 501st. Now, right away I must admit this will likely be a less involved build than a lot of other's here as I am buying FOTK armor from Mimic. When the armor and helmet arrive in October they will already be painted and trimmed, ready for assembly. So that is where my build will begin, which I feel okay with seeing as I have never done anything like this before Most of the questions I have then concern what I will need in order to assemble my armor, what materials should I buy ahead of time, and then eventually how do I put it all together. I have made a list of what I believe I need to buy still, and who I am considering buying from: Gaskets Soulart ARRIVED Gloves Endorfinders ARRIVED Boots http://www.imperialboots.com Purchased Neck Seal Soulart ARRIVED Belt Jafo ARRIVED Cloth Pouches Gijin ARRIVED Undersuit StormtrooperUndersuit.com ARRIVED Blaster Rifle Heston 3D ARRIVED Pistol Heston 3D ARRIVED Harness Soulart ARRIVED Helmet Fan Ukswrath Purchased Helmet Mic Ukswrath Purchased Hard hat insert Home Depot ARRIVED Balaclava also arrived As for other supplies that I will need to assemble armor, any input that you all might have would be really appreciated! Thanks ahead of time for any help you are able to give
  8. Thank you to all who welcomed me! I really appreciate it and it makes me even more excited for BBB day, as I get to hopefully join your ranks in the near future! Also thank you for all of the advice that you gave, I will heed it well. I am going to start my build thread now, exciting stuff! Lastly I did get in contact with my local garrison, I am a cadet for Garrison Carida and will be squiring one of their events this weekend Thanks again everyone!
  9. Does he have a thread or page to buy from? Having trouble finding out more about his work. EDIT: Nevermind I found it
  10. Hello all o/ My name is Bennett, I live in central Pennsylvania! I have been interested in the 501st for a long time, but only now am I really looking into getting a kit and hopefully being accepted into the legion. Although I grew up watching the OT, and really would like to make a set of ANH Stunt armor, I have decided that I want my first set to be FOTK armor. I have read that this is might be a difficult build, I am not sure, and any advice as to supplies and materials would be extremely helpful. I decided on FOTK because I know that the real reason the 501st exists is for the benefit of others, especially the kids who get all of you at different events (I would have been beside myself as a kid if I had seen a "real" stormtrooper in person). Just like I grew up with OT, these kids are growing up with the sequels, and therefore I feel that FOTK armor will have an even bigger impact for them. Anyways that was much longer than I first intended, but I am glad to be here and will hopefully be able to join your ranks soon! MTFBWYA! Bennett Smith (If anyone has experience with jimmiroquai tfa armor, I could use every bit of help. Looking at other's builds while it can be very helpful, can also be a bit overwhelming, and I really just want to know what supplies I will need for TFA armor. I really appreciate the help!!)
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