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  1. All signs are pointing to them being afraid of how the truth will be received by their customers. I think they have known all along what the real delivery dates are going to be. They already seem to struggle with cash flow as evidenced by how hard it is for people to get refunds. If they told people back in Spring that they would have missed their projected ship date by 9 months minimum, they would have likely had an avalanche of refund requests that they wouldn't have been able to honor. To be clear, I think Anovos customer service is just as in the dark as the customers, they get fed the "on track to ship by X" and that is what they regurgitate.
  2. I wish that they would say something about shipping the Kylo ensembles. I have reached out a few times and got back generic "We are on track to ship by December 22nd". They always have said that though so nobody really knows what is going on. I wouldn't be surprised if we get to the day of season close and they push it to winter......
  3. BH-81401 requesting access: https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=29447 Sean
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