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  1. Goodness gracious I've been silent for a while. Been too chilly recently to do much work, but managed to be productive one a 60 degree day today
  2. Did my first major test fit and I'm absolutely giddy!!
  3. Quick update! Got my boots and gloves from Imperial Boots not too long ago! It was exciting to get the handplates on them and finally have a 100% done piece I've also been painting and clear-coating quite a bit. Right now the pieces that are 100% painted and cleared are the shoulders, the hands, the knees, the thermal det, the cod, and the ab. The chest I'm being super picky with the paint finish on, but it's almost ready to be clear coated!
  4. It was fine at first, but the nozzle clogs very easily and spits paint every once in a while. Incredibly frustrating.
  5. That's a great idea! Do you know if it works with these cans? This white matches better than the other rustoleum white so it's what i've been using. the whole head part comes off but do you think the attachment is universal?
  6. Yes, the chest goes over it, as does the back
  7. Whoops I've been bad about posting progress! Haha. Gotten decently far on attachment. I currently have most of the upper body attached with snaps. I'm probably going to tweak the shoulders because they are sitting a little low, and I still have to finish the chest attachment. I also got a bunch of painting done at a friend's place today and overall it went pretty ok. I absolutely hate these weird trigger spray cans because they tend to drip paint everywhere and it's a pain. I'm going to end up wetsanding to 2000 grit and clear coating for the shine.
  8. Yeah I may have to get some of those pliers. Been using a setting tool and hammer and I'm pretty sure my downstairs neighbors aren't too happy about the noise haha
  9. After a few mess ups and broken snaps, I finally figured these buggers out and got the shoulders strapped up. Decided to take a break from painting and focus on strapping first
  10. All the same can and within minutes of each other. I'm thoroughly bamboozled XD
  11. More updates ahoy! I've been recovering from a surgery for the past 2 weeks so I've had the time off work to actually work on the kit every day. Managed to get a harness system on the ab piece using suspenders Also got some painting done. Now, I've had some issues with paint. The hand plates and shoulders are painting up perfectly, but I'm having issues with the knee plates. I managed to get a nice coat on them before, but a hair fell in them the first time around so I repainted. When I tried to repaint, I got some NASTY reaction and they're looking
  12. So far it looks like only the thighs and shins. The upper body pieces are ok height wise.
  13. I'm 5'7". The ab was held on pretty low in this so I def appear shorter haha.
  14. It's BBB day! Did a quick test fit when I got home from work. Fits nicely, but I'm definitely on the short side for a trooper so I have lots of trimming in my future haha
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