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  1. I was able to get my head through the opening too, but it took a few layers of skin off the ears lol. Ended up cutting out the front of the yoke to make things easier.
  2. I've built an anovos OTTK and an 850 armor shoretrooper kit in the last 3 years. I'm currently about 3/4 of the way through building a KB TLJ FOTK. Besides the cut lines not being as visible as the anovos kit it's gone together quickly and easily. I've had my first experiences with gap filling and sanding to blend seamless connections and that has been a bit of a learning curve. Overall I'm very happy with my KB kit. I've got a small build thread in the TLJ armor area if you want to see some pictures. That's the best advice I can give you though, study the other KB build threads. I'm specifically referencing:
  3. Sanded the abs paste and found bubbles, used glazing putty to fix the imperfections. Some slight cracking that still needs to be filled after primer/filler added.
  4. first time using ABS paste to close the gap in the biceps. The consistency was mayo, but man does this stuff solidify quickly. Wanted a smoother application, but more sanding will have to do
  5. Partial suit up to see how it all looks
  6. glued the yoke to the back. adding support to prevent cracking right now.
  7. starting to work on the yoke and back area. completed pile of parts grows almost daily
  8. For the FOTK I'm building right now I bought both an SE44C and F11D kit from a 3d printer on etsy. They arrived quickly and the print quality was fantastic. I made sure there were lots of positive reviews before ordering.
  9. belt boxes and holster riser trimmed
  10. Completed the ab boxes last night, still need to trim the belt boxes though. I'll be using ABS paste for the first time soon on those bicep seams and the forearms. Hoping to not screw things up. What grits do people use to smooth out the abs paste after it hardens?
  11. I've got the forearms done, biceps, shoulders and cod. Starting to trim belt boxes and knees next.
  12. Looking to attach more photos, but it's not really giving me any space. Thinking I need a second page to reset the attachment size.
  13. Spats done, no picture and hand plates done. Probably do shoulders next. My ABS paste came out perfect I think, consistency of honey.
  14. Made my first cuts into plastic. Also started collecting scraps for ABS paste. Bucket has been filler primed to point out any low spots and pin holes. Will be filling them in today with spot putty.
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