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  1. Spats done, no picture and hand plates done. Probably do shoulders next. My ABS paste came out perfect I think, consistency of honey.
  2. Made my first cuts into plastic. Also started collecting scraps for ABS paste. Bucket has been filler primed to point out any low spots and pin holes. Will be filling them in today with spot putty.
  3. Jumped on a B kit sale that KB had last month, roughly 1/3 the normal price for a kit with bucket. While waiting on the armor I had the se44c and f11d printed and assembled. Both are fully painted although the pic shows the pistol only partially painted. Gaskets are being made as we speak by Pinky, just ordered a belt from belts of the first order. Gloves are ordered, still need to purchase shoes once they open up again in June. Dan isn't able to ship out holsters right now, but I'll grab one once he is. This weekend I was able to start on the bucket. Cut out the eyes and the vents, I'll be using UKSWRAITHs audio system, haven't ordered it yet though. I use his setup in my shoretrooper captain and love having everything inside the bucket. I'll start trimming plastic this week, just reading more build threads to make sure I don't mess up my cut lines.
  4. I haven't put one here yet, just my local garrison. I'll start one.
  5. Ordered my KB kit 2 weeks ago, can't wait to get started
  6. Henry's helmet fans in all my buckets so far, love them.
  7. Had the same question, guess I need more posts
  8. Need access please so I can post in the buy/sell forums https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=24844
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