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  1. Thanks for the friendly welcome. Update im approved TKID 51992. Thanks you every one the support here is awesome
  2. Greetings.<br> May i get 501st access please.<br> TK51992<br><br> Southern Drewback Garrison kind regards https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23040
  3. My name is Abandon Stormtrooper also known as Jesse. Im currently almost finished my ANH stunt TK. All i need is a neck seal then approval time <br> As in the title i live in Australia. I love to chat to fellow TK's from around the world so fill free to inbox me <br><br> I have one question hopefully someone can help me on this. Onced approved and have my id numbers how do i get my hands on my very own FISD t shirt.<br><br> Have a great day.
  4. Hello all.<br> Abandon Stormtrooper here <br> Im a registered member with the southern dewback garrison and have almost completed my tk ANH stunt. And my friend who is a tk told me to join this group hope you all have a wonderful day feel free to inbox me about anything
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