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  1. TK-20509 Requesting 501st Access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22664
  2. Jimbeolous

    Can't post in "Newly Approved Members - Sound Off!"

    I can't post either..TK-20509 reporting for duty lol
  3. Jimbeolous

    Uswrath's ANOVOS TK build (stunt)

    Fridkmknibrw disaefayflighty
  4. Jimbeolous

    Anovos TK armor preorder

    Yeah I ordered on Christmas Day and got an email from Anovos today, saying my kit had been sent. So much for the tiered shipping?
  5. Jimbeolous

    Anovos TK armor preorder

    I saw a quote on FB. And it was a negative on an unassembled helmet kit
  6. Jimbeolous

    Anovos TK armor preorder

    Sounds like even those who ordered late will get there kits as well. Nothing about tiers in the newsletter.
  7. Jimbeolous

    Battlefront Xbox Live

    Being playing it for awhile, GT is ROckBANDh3RO
  8. Jimbeolous

    Anovos TK armor preorder

    Do you think people preordering at the higher $650 price are getting jumped ahead of the $350 people?
  9. Heres my code, should be valid until the 6th of January. HRL6-QOPP-YTUJ
  10. Hi all! I'm a total newbie all of this. But have loved SW's since the get go. Hoping to go for a TK costume going ( still deciding on the varient). This could be a long term project lol
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