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  1. You definitely want to try and reinforce certain pieces on the Anovos armor. Having done several troops in Anovos Armor. The parts that seem to need reinforcement in my opinion are the Shoulder Straps. Even though they are not supposed to bear a load . They are supposed to free float without actually attaching to the back armor. These are still too thin and rigid, they really need to be reinforced. Very easy to crack. Other areas, Butt, Shoulders, and Front of Chest and Top Back piece. All very small stress cracks, but definitely worth looking at. I had a feeling the shoulder straps would crack easily. I preemptively reinforced the straps with extra abs. Here is a picture. The other small cracks I have just put a dab of SuperGlue behind them and it has seemed to fix the problem. The Butt plate is the part that I'm having the most problem with. It has cracked in several places. I will be reinforcing mine very soon with some sort of epoxy and fabric tape combination. Lastly the Helmet does have some really thin areas. I went ahead and reinforced parts with extra ABS. I'll try to post some pics. Shoulder Straps - Reinforced To make this - Cut paper to fit inside the straps. Use the paper as templates for the ABS pieces to fit inside the straps. Then heat up the ABS reinforcement strip in boiling water and bend to the same shape as the shoulder straps. Once you are happy with the shape and fit. Glue with E6000 into the shoulder strap.
  2. Requesting 501st access. http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=23279
  3. Looking forward to another run of these Shirts. Please let us know. Thanks, Tom
  4. Thanks everyone! Yeah It may be tough to sit in the armor.. especially since my car has Recaro seats with pretty high bolsters. But I may be able to drive with only the helmet and top part of the armor I guess we'll see. Thanks for the suggestions about joining the local 501st Garrison. I live in Virginia.. so that would be Garrison Tyranus. Just joined their site . Excited.
  5. Hey There.... Just wanted to introduce myself. My Name is Tom. I'm a Network Admin.... certified geek, in my 40's... 2 amazing kids... white minivan.. soccer dad.. and oh yeah.. I drive a white Mitsubishi Evo 8. ( So thats where the TK-3v0 comes from.. EVO.) I have always wanted to be a Stormtrooper. So when I stumbled across the Anovos site... I kinda jumped into buying the kit without looking to see what it entailed. Little did I know there was a huge amount of people who were into this. Thank goodness... because this Kit is a little bit more than I bargained for. It's great though.. because I know it will be awesome in the end. After looking around this vast forum. I think I'm going to try and build my Anovos TK kit to hopefully get it 501st approved later. But first.. I really want to just get it together in time for Halloween. I'm crossing my fingers that I can make it in time. So far I have the Anovos Kit, the TK Boots , and the Voicebooster amplifier. and a Nice Mannequin to display the armor. I'm also thinking about getting a Pauldron . Thats my story.. Excited about being apart of this forum and group of StormTroopers. I can't wait to post pictures of me driving the evo with my stormtrooper armor on.. Looks like something a stormtrooper would drive
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