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  1. wow looks like I'll be doing the same with mine
  2. Anthony don't worry there are a lot of short troopers heck I might be even shorter than you XD
  3. After years of dreaming to become part of the 501st and 7 months building my armor, I am proud to say that I am now part of the 501st Legion. I want to thank Bulldog44 for the tremendous amount of support that he has given me specially since I'm a complete and total stranger who just one day sent him a message here in FISD. I would also like to thank Ukswrath as well your build thread guided me throughout my build without it I wouldn't be posting this now. To those who are about to, currently, or about to finish their builds, I know sometimes you feel like you'll never finish it or it would never look good enough for you, I beg you to keep persevering I had those moments where I just wanted to stop and quit, but my love for star wars and my passion to contribute to this community made me held on just enough to push myself to the very end. Again thank you FISD, thank to those who dropped by my build thread, to those who posted messages, and to those who were just curious to see my progress.
  4. thanks I'll be joining an event as soon as I fix some issues with the legs. Looking forward to troop with the trooper I consider as my mentor.
  5. TK22102 of the Japanese Garrison requesting 501st access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=22807
  6. just got approved TK22102 of the Japanese Garrison reporting for duty Bulldog44 thank you for supporting me from the very beginning until the end of my build! But I feel like this is just the beginning I will continue to improve my armor and hopefully reach centurion someday.
  7. I used snap plates but I think the positions for the sides are wrong. right now the kidney plate is slightly overlapping it
  8. For now I havent dealt with the kidney and posterior plate issue. I had to redo the paint for the ab buttons. I plan on sending my application for basic approval then work on reaching EIB or Centurion. It might take a bit more time until I figure out how to solve the kidney-posterior plate issue.
  9. I'll be using velcro to close the shins.
  10. Almost done just need to correct the color of the the AB buttons and maybe install a helmet strap.| the kidney plate is overlapping the posterior plate a bit I'm not sure it its ok.
  11. progress update 95% done just need to paint ab buttons and glue them on the ab plate. improving the strapping for the thighs fix the buttplate, it keeps sticking out belt done
  12. Im almost done but I think I need to trim the lower part of the chest plate to keep the ab and kidney plates lined up. Im changing the strapping that connects the ab and kidnety plates to see if I can avoid trimming the chestplate.
  13. OK I will do that this weekend Also the posterior plate keeps popping out its getting annoying.
  14. I'm not sure but I think the shins are too long but don't want to shorten them until I'm sure. I'll try lowering the abs but I think its the chest plate thats making it look that way didnt shorten it. The sides are a bit of a concern for me the top of the kidney and ab don't line up
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