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  1. Does anyone know if this is approvable or if not what else it would need?
  2. Awesome. I'm glad it's good to go.
  3. Thanks! I cant wait to dirty it up some.
  4. I did make a little more progress on the helmet. I would like to add some fans and I still need to figure out a way to keep the helmet from moving on my head as much as it does. I also ordered an orange pauldron from Katarra8 on eBay based off a build on here that made Centurion.
  5. I was able to make some more progress on the bucket. I was originally going to use decals but the better side of me decided to just hand paint the details. I need to pick up the rounded brush so I can paint the vocoder. I plan on getting that finished over the weekend. I also was able to score a set of near-perfect TK Boots. I must say Im impressed by their customer service and all of the extras included!
  6. Thank you! I've been overly critical on my bucket as well so I understand.
  7. Thanks for the compliments! I had some small files already on hand and squared up the teeth more. I was very critical of my ear gaps at first but realized the screen accurate versions weren't perfect either!
  8. Its been a while since I last posted. Of course life happens and I had to postpone my armor. I made some progress on the helmet as of late and am back on the list for the rest of my armor with around a four month wait. My plan is to build everything to Centurion level so when the time comes I will be ready and not have to go back and fix things. Any critiques on the helmet so far would be appreciated! I am in the cadet academy with my local garrison as well to help me along with the build.
  9. So to begin my build I will start with the only item I've acquired so far, the helmet! Upon opening the box from ATA I was very excited to see the quality of molding and the parts supplied. I should be starting on it this weekend. I've been placed on the waiting list for the armor so I will continue to acquire some other things needed along the way. After the helmet build I plan to start building the HWT pack.
  10. I just recently joined here and have been planning my build for a few weeks now. Since I just received my helmet from ATA I figured I should start a build thread. I will update the first post with my overall progress along the way to have a reference point for where I am at. Current Progress: -More to come!
  11. Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'll be sure to ask lots of questions once I start my build and I'll start a build thread over in the HWT section once I order my helmet.
  12. Hello everyone! I just signed up and figured I should introduce myself. I live in Erie, Pennsylvania (the NW corner of the state). Im a long time Star Wars fan and have been wanting to build a stormtrooper costume for a while now. <br> I just recently started researching what type I want to build (leaning towards a HWT) and have emailed ATA to get a helmet and to be put on the waiting list for the armor. I've been impressed by the amount of information on the site! It's been helpful so far!
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