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  1. Out of curiosity, are you willing to sell the snout greeblie separately?
  2. Spec Ops is developing the shoretrooper atm, jump over there
  3. I disagree, even when I wasn't in the legion I looked for the differences between the best quality props/costumes, because while no one else would really notice the difference, I would and it would annoy me.
  4. I'm studying to be a Chiropractor and and Chiro is short for it. Unfortunately the jokers at Redback Legion thought it looked too similar to the word Churro, so now I just get called Churro instead...
  5. As soon as we confirm any part of the armour, I'm buying it, so don't tempt me!
  6. I will, with blackjack and hookers! Actually, forget the blackjack
  7. They. Were. Not. Sitting. In. The. Tank. They have a completely different colour scheme and different, although similar helmets.
  8. That's what I thought, not white enough but who knows, there seem to be several pieces of armour on it that are very similar to the TK! Number one on kit orders? In all seriousness there are four dets this could reasonably go to, FISD, Pathfinders, Spec ops, and the outlier MEPD. So far, the Pathfinder det is split as to whther they want it, spec ops don't have it on their radar (they're all excited about the death troopers), MEPD seem happy to stay at one CRL if you follow their threads, which leaves FISD and Pathfinders as the main candidates. It will be an interesting few mo
  9. Some on the Pathfinders are less than keen to have this. I think FISD or Spec Ops could have a good shot at it. This is at number one on my list.
  10. Looks solid to me On an unrelated note, you might want to get yourself a pair of black nomex gloves and velcro the ABS hand plates onto them. From what I hear, trooping outside in the rubber gloves is not too pleasant
  11. Great job, not sure if anyone from your garrison picked up on it, but your ab plate buttons are upside down. For ANH they should be this way I would also consider making an elastic strap connection between your forearms and biceps to stop your forearms from sliding down over your wrists. Do you have a strap between your butt plate and ab plate? This could help pull the butt in a little, to make it sit better in regards to the thighs
  12. Looks good, I echo Sentry, remove most if not all of the return edge of the bottom of the biceps. gives you a better fit, less chance of armour bite.
  13. Finally got approved! Will upload more of my build progress soon, and continue it on my path to centurion!
  14. Requesting 501st access TK 24476 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=21414
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