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  1. Ok thanks. I'm just worried I'll ruin it in the process. Once I get it soft enough, what do I use to reform it?
  2. The shoulder pieces that go right over the biceps are flaring out a bit on my armor. I was wondering how I could bring these in a bit closer to my body? I've heard of using a blow drier, but idk how to use it.
  3. Hey. Just looking at your armor. Great btw! Sorry, but what is a return edge?
  4. I am working on going elite and was wondering if I separated the abs/cod piece that it would render me ineligable for elite status? also if i do separate it, does it really work to make you sit?
  5. Wow, I didn't know that! Ok, so if you look at my thighs I sorta messed up and I put snaps there. I painted them white today and they blend in really well. The average joe wont care, but wanted to know what you thought of it? Thanks for your advice. So to go elite, what helmet would you recommend? I like the stunt, but didnt know which one would be best. I'm guessing you are, so any advice would be superb! Thanks a ton. Chris
  6. Thanks guys. I know you can get it out of a baseball helmet, but is there any other places or styles you might recommend that are comfortable?
  7. here is what i got so far. i love it, but i do have a lot to do to get it "perfect". i know i cannot go elite with the fx, but i do want to get as close to elite standards as i can with this armor
  8. This is the inside of the helmet. It is a hard hat liner and I did fix it too far down. Any advice?
  9. When I got my helmet, I got a head band kit that came with it and I installed it into the interior of my helmet. It is great, but I put it too far down and I can see very well. Is there any way I can modify it or make the straps for it longer so my head will go more "up" into the helmet? Chris
  10. Hey everyone. Im Chris Bone, and I live in Houston. I am making FX Stormtrooper Armor. I am excited about finishing my kit and hope this site will help. Thanks to you all! Chris
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