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  1. I also just placed an order for the AM 2.0 Full kit today. In the list of what's included for their helm they said there is two different styles of decals. If your are referring to aftermarket, sorry, not sure there.
  2. So... perforated eye openings won't pass muster? lol Wow. Hope they gave the buyer a COA.
  3. I came across this web site when I first started window shopping what is out there for Trooper armor. Before I went to the local Garrison's meet & greet. And then started researching approved sources here. I never realized there are so many cheap suits that are inaccurate out there. Luckily I was not going to order something like this from the UK (to the USA). Shipping.
  4. So... much... to... learn. Been doing a lot of reading lately. On waiting list for TK Boots. Ordered and waiting for components to build my HWT backpack (from Amazon). Bought leather reproduction MP-40 ammo pouches, waiting for them to show up. Just ordered the new Centurion grade E-11 Hyperflex from HFx. Looks like I missed out on the production run this year of T-21s that go pew, pew and light up though. Seldon HWT TK-WANABE
  5. I've been reading up on the 501st and Garrison Titan since seeing some post likes and shares on FB. One of my friends and I attended the recent Garrison Titan meet & greet at the AFK. After talking to the CO I went back and did some more studying on the Forums for approved vendors, builds, CRLs, etc. After much contemplation I decided to just go for it on a ANH based Trooper kit, but do HWT. I have been doing the SCA for about 16 years, so no stranger to building & wearing medieval armor. Though this will be a bit different. At least someone will not be trying to hit me in this armor. We do shape plastic at my armor workshops to help new fighters get into an inexpensive suit of Heavy Armor. But a scratch build Stormtrooper kit is beyond my set up & time as I still do SCA. Based on my height & weight, and a recommendation, I contacted Rob at RT. Unfortunately he is not currently accepting new orders until he builds a new machine and catches up on his backlog. He might open up for new orders in January. I decided against AM as it seems to have some issues if I decide to go for centurion level someday (chest & back plates). So... in the mean time I'm going to start acquiring and assembling the other items that don't come with the armor kit. Under suit, boots, gloves, neck seal, holster, orange pauldron, etc. Considering buying a helmet somewhere else, then order just the armor from RT since there is a wait time to even placing an order (then wait for the armor to get built and shipped.) Currently I have been studying the HWT backpack build posted up by ukswrath and assembling the components I'll need. Waiting for the oil drain pan from Amazon now. And of course, I need a Blaster. So I've also been in contact with HFx about getting either a DLT-19 or T-21 and an E-11 in Hyperfirm. Think I've done my homework enough to avoid some serious mistakes. Though I keep on reading and trying to learn as much as I can before I buy & then try to build. And I plan to pester the peeps with Garrison Titan at the next meet & greet with questions. Did I just jump off the deep end?
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