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  1. https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25919 TK-52349 Requesting Detachment Access Please
  2. Thanks for sharing. Hoping you get to your goals.
  3. Reading some of these comments is disheartening. I thought these forums were to help and encourage people not nay say and post unfounded half accusations and down right wrong assumptions based on Zero evidence. Plaster is plenty strong enough. I used a plaster mold for my 1st two vacuum forming tests and the molds were not a problem. http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/33867-project-wst-windsor-stormtrooper/ I used ABS plastic which cost me $13(cdn) a sheet for 16" x 24" that's with shipping to canada I have ordered both .090" and .060" thicknesses (If your interested in the were to buy PM me) My first Vacuum former imploded very dramatically but it only cost me under $20 so no biggy. The Mark II is wood took me a few hours to make and its solid, cost is under $50. My next set of tests will be using 3D printed molds. I would say so far I am in for under $100 and granted I haven't made a usable part yet. I've learned a lot and had fun with my friends. Enjoy the process, Be safe, Have fun.
  4. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bzh1CggvjJMxWDBVcHc4bXdocFE/view First attempt at vacuum forming. used a plaster cast made from a 3D printed negative of the arm piece. Were planning to try to use a 3D printed cast next.
  5. We've had 5 project meetings for this. Pat is working with Pepakura to see if this will work for us. 3D Printer works well Brad and Craig are working on CAD Files its a ton of work. Our Project group is from top left Matt (He will make the hard molds from the plastic negatives) Me, Vicki, Pat, Brad, Kev (Working on Cloth Stuff) Craig and Stephane.
  6. My Buddy Craig procured a 3D Printer that we will use to make the Negative Molds
  7. In Sept I and my group of friends decided to make our own armor our only stated goal is "to make a repeatable process that results in 501st approved Stormtrooper armor". No big deal right. lol. What this means for us is to be in 100% control of all components pertaining to a complete wearable set of armor. My Part is to make the Vacuum Former which I am 50% done just waiting for my test plastic to come in to build the frame and tweek the process I'll use.
  8. Up the road lol. My wife is from Searchmont originally. That sounds good......now to just make some armor.....easy peasy.
  9. I been debating about making my own molds from scratch. I worked with Aluminum Casting in my decade short career in the Mold industry. Very rarely in plastics so I feel like an apprentice all over again. The last 3 days I been debating just ordering with AP and skip the sloppy first steps but I'm 6'2" 222lbs and not all of them flattering so i'm worried AP is not gonna do my beach bode the justice it deserves. I want to jump right in but I don't want to waste my time. gah.
  10. I need to be a Stormtrooper. There is so much info I'm somewhat overwhelmed. I am a certified mold maker tho I haven't worked in the industry for 7 years now. I understand the process and what will need to be done tho I have yet to decide much else. There are no troopers in my area so I'm hoping to get the info I need here. Thanks.
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