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  1. Thank you. That did the trick. v2 is MUCH louder than before. That was my biggest issue at my Rouge One troop last night. It was too quiet still. I took the mic gain down to 5 and upped the voice gain to 1.5 as you have it. It's much better now. I'm thinking I can probably push a lot more out of these hovi speakers still without feedback with a bit more tinkering.
  2. Just tried upgrading to 2.0. Pretty sure I copied everything correctly. Now, I have what sounds like white noise constantly running and no mic input working at all. Any suggestions? # sound to play when TKTalkie is started [startup=STARTUP.WAV] # chatter loop settings [loop=CHATTER.WAV] # 0 to 32767, 1 is pass-thru, below 1 attenuates signal [loop_gain=7] # VOICE ACTIVATION SETTINGS [silence_time=350] [voice_start=0.05] [voice_stop=0.02] # PTT (Push-To-Talk) SETTINGS [button_pin=2] [button_click=BUTTON.WAV] # 0 to 32767, 1 is pass-thru, below 1 attenuates signal [button_gain=1] # MICROPHONE/LINE-IN SETTINGS # input settings (0 = microphone, 1 = line-in) [input=0] # 0 to 63 [mic_gain=20] # SOUND EFFECTS (STATIC BURSTS, ETC.) # 0 to 32767, 1 is pass-thru, below 1 attenuates signal [effects_gain=5] # EQUALIZER SETTINGS # 0 = flat (none, 1 = parametric, 2 = bass/treble, 3 = graphic [eq=3] # for parametric/graphic = 5 bands, for bass/treble = 3 bands # bands are low to high: -1 (-11.75dB to 1 +12dB) [eq_bands=-1,0,1,0,-1] # VOICE SETTINGS # 0 to 32767, 1 is pass-thru, below 1 attenuates signal [voice_gain=1] # BITCRUSHER SETTINGS - VOCAL EFFECTS # Format = bits1,rate1,bits2,rate2 # Set to 16,41000,16,41000 to just pass-thru (disable) [bitcrushers=12,16384,10,10240] # PINK NOISE GENERATOR # 0 to 32767, 1 is pass-thru, below 1 attenuates signal [noise_gain=0.1] # Turn debug messages on/off (1/0) [debug=0]
  3. Can't wait to play with this! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  4. This works very well for anyone struggling. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Here it is: http://www.whitearmor.net/forum/topic/37743-darkpains-anh-stunt-build-anovos-first-build/?p=502686
  6. I've been updating my build thread frequently. But here is a front and back view of the completed setup: And a final video: https://www.facebook.com/darkpain714/videos/10154517249274787/
  7. Helmet internals completed. Will replace one USB power cable, but otherwise DONE. Credits: TK Talkie uses an Arduino processor driven by Teensy 3.2 audio board code by Lerxstrulz. Speakers are Hovi tip mounted and amplified by an Amp 2 module both provided by Ukswrath. Fans and bracket system scratch built by yours truly. Video: https://www.facebook.com/darkpain714/videos/10154517249274787/ Pictures:
  8. Thanks for the support kman. It shouldn't be too big a deal. Just was over celebratory thinking I was "done". Back to being almost done again lol. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  9. That is truly outstanding! Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  10. Well, everything is done and I suited up for what I hoped would be my final photoshot to submit for Centurion status. The suit looks amazing. It really is everything i hoped it would be. There's only one problem. Since I started this project and more specifically all the measuring and fitting parts for the side shims, I've lost near 20lbs and at least 2 inches off my waist. Which means those side shims that I spent countless hours sanding and polishing need to be at least 1" shorter on each side now. As I type this my mind is spinning thoughts on how to correct this. Will post more in a few days. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  11. Getting there! I'm doing some thigh adjustments. In the EIB pics the tops of the thighs are firmly planted in my butt cheeks. I've sanded down the return edges completely as well as taking a bit of the point on the top of the rear down a bit. I think the fit is a bit better now. Both the shoulder bells and the back/kidney gap have been taken care of with minor strapping adjustment. Pics coming soon. Side shims are about done: Finally, I'm attempting my own fan bracket to mount the individual switches, POT, and clean up the wiring. So far, so good:
  12. Seeing as I got them from an electrician, I assume that is what he used them for. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  13. They are not brass no, but otherwise they are the right type and size. The short ones are just a hair too short and the long ones a hair too long. I used the longer ones and cut them down a bit. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  14. Another quick update. I've been busy helping the wife with her Mando build. But in between tasks for her, I've been continuing my quest for Centurion. As referenced in the last update the helmet cosmetic upgrades have been completed. I've also completed my electronics design and testing. Now I'm working on the cable management and cleaning it up inside. Currently all the electronics are gutted and getting a overhaul of the cables, conduit, battery layout...etc. Here is a pic of my current mess: Blaster modifications have been successfully completed. I really thought that charging lever was going to be a HUGE problem. As I got to looking closer at it I noticed it seemed loose and I might be able to just wiggle it free, spin it around and reglue. I wasn't that lucky. The lever snapped off while trying to work it free. Not catastrophic, but kinda a bummer. But since it broke off pretty much right were I had planned on cutting it, nothing was really lost. So a couple of small holes, a finishing nail, and some CA glue later that thing is now facing the correct direction: Also, you might have noticed the crisis of the rear sights has also been corrected. A little bit of sanding and a good file and those groves have been removed from the front and recreated on the rear. The back/kidney straps have been shorted, as have the shoulder bell to shoulder straps. I'll have some pics of that shortly when I suit up for my submission photos. I've been having WAY too much fun sculpting and casting my own latex hand guards. I'm churning out a set a day from my master mold until I run out of mask making latex. The best finished product will go on my gloves. After that, I guess I'll pass the others down to my squad. Fun times! My son was convinced this was chocolate and wanted to eat them when he discovered them hardening up in the freezer! I would've let him if they didn't take me hours to sculpt. I'm sure that Monster Clay tastes amazing! Final task that I'm working is the side shim seem removal using ABS. I'm on my 3rd? 4th? Round of application and sanding. This is certainly challenging, but I think I'm finally getting close. Just a couple little bubbles to patch over and smooth out and then hopefully I'll be ready for the big photo shoot! Thanks all for standing by me. Also, for my squad I discovered I have a huge trove of the correct screws for the helmet upgrades if anyone needs some, hit me up.
  15. Everything is fine tuned and working like a champ. Added padding per ukswrath, adjusted mic sensitivity per lerxstrulz, added pots for fan control, added individual switches to power each fan, fans converted to usb power on the old power pack instead of the AA battery pack, and the new usb battery arrived to power the TK Talkie... WHEW! Do I have a lot of wires to clean up! Thanks all. This has been great!
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