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  1. The gap is usually more closed as well as the shoulder bridge, I think my posture was a little weird in the pic. I'll be out this weekend and won't have time to suit up, so if I NEED to take new pics, it may be a few days. If it's just a recommendation, as I would think it is given the CRL, I'll just leave them as is.
  2. Thanks for the feedback! I'm slowly converting the velcro strapping to snaps, and I've got a feeling that the gap should be covered once that section has been dealt with.
  3. Nick Counter TK-52849 (http://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20834) Sgt_Boodles Southern California Garrison Armor = Anovos Helmet = Anovos Blaster = DoopyDoos Boots = TKBoots Belt = TKittel Hand Plates = Anovos (plastic) Neck Seal = Anovos Holster = Anovos Front Back Left Right Abdomen Action! Cod and Butt Interior Strapping Helmet Front Side Back Hovi Detail Lens Color Blaster Left Right Neck Seal Thermal Detonator Back Holster Attachment Thanks for checking it out guys! I know the pictures aren't of great quality and background, but i hope they'll do the job. Let me know if there is anything else you would like to see. NOTE: When I was replacing the Anovos belt with TKittel's, I placed the holes too far to the left, causing the second holster screw to be covered up when the belt is worn. Technically, I don't see anything in the CRL that would cause this to be an issue, but I'm not the one who decides these things. Just wanted to let you know that I'm aware of the weird placement.
  4. Can't wait! Wish it was sooner :/ EDIT: Is there an option for adding EIB to the shirt? I don't have that certification yet but would like to by the time shirt orders go out, and that would be a cool thing to add.
  5. TK-52849 requesting access please! http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=20834
  6. Definitely, thanks for all the help! Sorry to high-jack this to the "Help Nick With His Armor" thread.
  7. I don't think they need to be shortened in terms of height, though. I'm somewhat *tall* at 5 foot 11, so shortening them would have them fit like Lederhosen, and I'm not really up for that. I could lower them on the straps, if your concern is that they are too close to the cod piece area? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The belt isn't good, but I'm trying to get it patched up and decent for the time being to take approval pics, hopefully to upgrade soon. The shin issue was just because of how tight I put them on and they wouldn't cover the boots. Not a fit issue, my bad. For the thighs, I'll remove the back cover strip and cut a good bit out to make it fit closer around my body. Not much I can do with the front because of the ridges.
  9. I'll work on closing up the back of the thighs a little more, thanks. I have a cheap pair of elastic suspenders, I'll try and hooking it up to to ab and kidney area to keep everything a little more closely together. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. What's a good and safe way to remove a cover strip to make adjustments well after the glue has set? (it's been in place for 10 days or so)
  11. Can I ask those with more knowledge than I to comment on the fit of my armor? I'm really skinny so it's been a bit of trouble to get everything trimmed down to my slimness. Aside from the neck seal being aloof in the back, is there anything I should fix to get a better fit and meet approval? (shooting for EIB) As a separate and final question, I feel the armor sags a bit and would benefit from suspenders or something like that underneath to keep everything hung up tight and in place. Has this been done before?
  12. Thanks for the help guys. I figured the straightness of the lines don't matter too much since they'll be covered by a strip, but I'd like them to be as flush as possible.
  13. General trimming question: is there some magic trick to getting straight lines on your pieces to make them easy to fit together for gluing? Or do I just really suck at cutting?
  14. Almost finished with cutting armor so I haven't yet started the strapping, but from the packages it seems that the rigging system is a combo of straps and velcro. Is there enough velcro to constitute changing to snaps? Would it be a problem that is
  15. Looks like I'll be getting a new belt, then. Any belt recommendors for a tall, skinny guy? Also, is there anything wrong with the plastic ammo belt, or can the Anovos plastic belt be easily attached to a different belt?
  16. Mine should ship Jan. 30th to Feb. 15th Next local armor party is on Feb. 13th Goddam that's makin me anxious
  17. I think it's kind of hilarious that people have an issue with "too sharp" lines being against the 501st mission given that the EFX bucket can be approved (albeit with some mods).
  18. I love the sharpness of the helmet, but the tube stripes kind of annoys me...
  19. Is there a reason why the FO trooper armor will be so much more expensive? I know there's the rubber gaskets and everything, but isn't the rest plastic like the OT troopers?
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if they had kits built earlier specifically for shooting the film. It wouldn't make sense to me that they would use their own "sharper" sculpt for the kits but not be producing them for the film. After all, the costume department needs costumes...why not go to a licensee?
  21. I wonder if these kits will be the ones appearing in Rogue One.
  22. I'm just hoping to have mine built in time for a late March convention. As another college student, I was planning on spending my break building the kit. We'll see how that all goes.
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