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  1. Ok, I get what you are saying but why would they make the modified inner parts to be longer than the actual outer parts. You would think that they would try to keep the look of the orginal armour's inner (short) and outer (long) parts? Is this the same with the RS suit?
  2. Shin gate continues - looking at a picture of the back of a left shin from the lucasfilm archives, the longer piece is on the outside?
  3. These pictures are awesome, consider them stolen! Is there any way to donwload the RS props photoes in the gallery?
  4. Ok, let's talk forearms. The left and right forearms are obviously different, this is good as so we're the originals. The left forearm parts align perfectly. The right forearms is a different matter altogether. The inner part is considerably shorter than the outer part. I have seen many threads where builders have cut the wrist of the outer part to make the two parts align. I could do this to solve the problem. However, the parts as sent by Anovos were obviously meant to mis-align, going by the trim lines and the return edge that the trim lines would have left on.<br><br> We're the originals misaligned like this, if the mould was based on original suits then the answer should be an easy yes, or did Anovos get it wrong and made the inner forearm too small?
  5. I was just wondering if we were forewarned by FebEx about the charges? I think that I have been charged about £70
  6. I don't remember seeing anything about import costs when my BBB got delivered. Also the FedEx delivery costs seems to be less than what we were charged by Anovos?
  7. A couple of random questions from my curious brain:<br><br> Can anyone point me to the history of the Anovos sculpt, what armour/helmet is it based off?<br><br> And, vacformed or injection moulded?
  8. What size hook and eyes are we looking for, size 0,1 or 2?
  9. I think that I actually meant shorter, although they would have been captured and then another group would have had to go and rescue them, perhaps this is wheare Tag & Bink would have come into the story.
  10. But it is an option and its a lot harder to undo if you haven't used E6000. If we are trying to future proof the progression of armour to centurian standards then we need to ensure that new recruits don't start thier build in this way, as to take apart fitted armour with overlaps will inevitably reduce the size or the armour parts and make it difficult to rebuild with cover strips? I would say that this should be pretty fundamental to the build of centurian standard (ie screen accurate) armour. To me it is vastly more important to having 'slightly scuffed' boots or how the shoulders should be strapped
  11. Has this been discussed elsewhere and I've missed it or is it not a valid question?
  12. It wuld have been a much longer film if Luke didn't have the grappling hook, it would be an interesting 'what if' scenario.
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