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  1. Thanks, Jen. I saw your thread. Thank you for sharing your build. I'll be sure to review it thoroughly.
  2. Newbie here. Been looking for an armor kit for my wife. She's 5'2" and it seems like a massive undertaking to modify a ANH kit to fit her (if it's even possible). I found the KW Designs Legacy kit and am wondering what the intended height range is for this kit? Will this work for her without major modifications?
  3. Cricket's thread definitely supports that statement and is super impressive. I don't have a lot of free time, nor do I really know what I am doing at this point, so I just don't think I could make that happen (although it may come down to that if I have no other choice). But first I'm going to exhaust all other options. I'm checking out Imperial Surplus now. He has female trooper armor that it looks like a number of female 501ers use.
  4. I'll be curious to hear any specific responses. I am very new to this and am looking for ANH armor for my wife who sounds proportionate to the OP. I'm not having much luck. ATA, which I am reading is one of the smaller fitting kits, says he is not aware of anyone shorter than 5'4" using his kit. And he said that took a LOT of work. Walt makes a kids kit but he said 5' is the tallest he would recommend it for. Back to searching....
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