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  1. George Lucas kept ownership of the LFL archives and they were not sold to Disney in the deal. LFL was working extensively with the Prop Store of London (and other OT prop owners) to get specs on OT screen-used armor. They needed the info when doing the designs for TFA (and Rogue One) because TFA costumes and props were to be an evolution of the originals and they do not have access to all of Lucas' personal archives.
  2. Do we know what ranks the pauldron colors represent? I think the order goes like this (highest to lowest): red, black, white.
  3. Right on, Clint. The existence of the Anovos suit has absolutely nothing to with whether or not a CRL can be developed. We're talking about reference material for the CRL and the response is a list of inaccuracies with the Anovos suit. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the Anovos suit be the base for the CRL, are they? The suits on mannequins at Celebration are confirmed to be screen used. Those are what we use as reference for the CRL. For that matter, Blizzard force should have enough to go on to create a CRL for the First Order Snowtrooper and whoever gets the flametrooper should have enough to go on to start that CRL.
  4. I'd still like to see someone post side-by-side images of the Anovos kit and the Celebration display kit and point out the inaccuracies.
  5. There were two screen-used costumes on mannequins at Celebration that were provided by Lucasfilm. Thousands of detailed photos of these two suits were taken and have been posted. Isn't that enough to build a CRL? We have a CRL for the Snowtrooper Commander and that is never seen on film below the chest. The entire CRL is based on one snapshot taken as a test. There was a screen used TIE Pilot armor set in the Prop Store of London's booth and a detachment staff member of the Jolly Rogers told me, after confirming with the owner that it is indeed confirmed to be screen used, he would have to update the CRL based on this suit. So how is it that two complete screen-used costumes presented publically and thoroughly documented is not enough for us to build a CRL? For once we have an unprecedented opportunity to know many details of a costume before the movie comes out. And when it does, there is no guarantee that we will have the same level of detail on-screen that we saw at Celebration.
  6. Thanks for posting. I love the new trooper and it is how I would expect the design to develop over time in the Star Wars universe.
  7. I'd be interested in seeing side-by-side comparison photos of the screen used kit and the Anovos kit with the inaccuracies identified. Presumably the screen used photos would be from the mannequins on display at Celebration since there is not a lot to go one from the teaser trailers. I did not see a lot of differences when I visited the costume room, but admittedly I spent most of my time looking at the Snowtrooper and the Flametrooper. I did notice that there were differences between the two stormtroopers on display. Wasn't sure if that was intended, accidental, or there are just minor differences from one suit to another.
  8. There are sizing restrictions with the kit. The arms and legs cannot be resized much due to the gaskets. Even if you changed the gaskets and were able to re-size it would be difficult to maintain accuracy. The movement and mobility restrictions caused by the gaskets are well known and Stacie is testing several alternatives. A lot of it really boils down to personal preference. If you don't like the design of the new trooper, you're not going to like any build of that kit. Also want to point out that Stacie and another garrison member, Neil Monson, did almost all the work on the build. I didn't really do anything, so they deserve the credit. I'll leave it with this story: When we were at Celebration taking the photos by the fountain that I posted earlier, there was a man in his sixties smoking a pipe and wearing an Episode VII cap. He started talking to me in an English accent and asked about the build. I told him that was my wife and she and a friend assembled the Anovos kit. He said "That suit looks better than the ones we built for the movie." I looked at him puzzed and he said "I'm the property master for Episode VII." He then went up and told Stacie the same thing and also told her there are two women in stormtrooper armor in the movie. He said "They don't take thier helmets off, but you can tell how they move that they are women." So that was nice.
  9. Yup - he mentioned the May The 4th troop he was at which was the Minnesota Twins game that she (TK-796 and FISD member) and I trooped. She was the only TFA trooper there. In fact, she is the only one in the Central Garrison, at the moment.
  10. Wow - nice slam on your Garrison mate there, Jared - aka my wife and a 501st member for over 13 years. Since you are either unwilling or unable to post photos of her, I'll do it for you, so everyone can see the terrible fit and shape for themselves. But just in case they don't have your keen eye, perhaps you could point out all the flaws for us. Or, you know, apologize. That's another option.
  11. I may have said this before, but just in case - It is important for everyone to wear a balaclava or some similar device that covers the back of the head. Due to the high slope on the back of the helmet, it was easy to see ears and the backs of heads inside the helmets at Celebration. Virtually everyone who did not wear a balaclava had part of their head visible from the right angle.
  12. Check this out for build info: http://jedinews.co.uk/news/news.aspx?newsID=21585
  13. Interesting. We didn't have any problems with gasket bits rubbing off. Seamless pieces: 1. Back - Across the shoulders on back armor plate. 2. Biceps - only one side of each bicep 3. Forearms - where the two halves glue together. 4. Ab/Kidney - Left and right side where Ab plate and kidney plate join together. 5. Thermal Detonator - this was a lot of work. 6. A few other small parts such as belt ammo boxes detail strips on side of legs also might require some bondo or plastic weld (which we used).
  14. My wife has a slim build and it just barely fit on her as it was out of the box. It did not come close to fitting me (6' 2" 220 lbs) and we would have to add extensions for it to fit properly.
  15. My wife used snaps to attach the knees and belt boxes. When you see the knees rotating, it is probably due to the gasket rotating, not the actual knee armor. Gaskets are kept in place with Velcro inside the armor. Here's a look at some of the strapping: Arms front: Arms back Ab/Kidney front Ab/Kidney back Shoulder yolk front Chest front Completed suit:
  16. Correct. The back piece has a yolk that goes over the top of the shoulders. It sort of looks like ram horns. The chest fits over it.
  17. These are the gloves. The white on the back gets removed from the pinky, ring finger, and middle finger. The rest of the white remains. Also, some minor black stitching is added. http://www.dcglove.com/productinfo.aspx?productid=2153-T
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