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  1. yeah in the end its still awesome. OT troopers on the big screen! Was everyone really against the FO armor at first? I have such respect for its humble design considering they could have been tempted to make it all Halo-style and over the top "cool"
  2. Its not nostalgia for me on this one. I feel like if the design choices seemed more deliberately different i would be ok with it. Just like the FO troopers are obviously deliberately different. But these just physically dont look good at all for me. If there were 1 or 2 really specific design alters I think i would be a lot more into it but it just seems like they haphazardly threw some armor together and thought "good enough". The changes look more like an screw up rather than a design choice. But i know this topic is bugging me too much regardless and it really just is a costume in what
  3. Took the words right out of my mouth. Let the petition begin!
  4. haha well you've got me there.
  5. Literally NOTHING about this is screen accurate dude. The backside of this armor is especially ugly. Overlaps and lines and cuts and garbage everywhere. When i was a kid i had no sense of how armor was worn, and i always imagined that stormtroopers were literally just a big one piece shell that the actors would simply step into and then the shell piece would close ( i actually thought the TD was some sort of hinge hahaha). What im getting at is- REAL stormtroopers look like a single solid piece, joints butted together and lining up beautifully, minimal blackspace and curves that flow
  6. Out of the box- the anovos helmets looks pretty good sitting next to my TM when comparing just the general shape---that being said, the sloppiness of the build when compared to the excellent care Paul takes to assemble your helmet (if you buy assembled) is very obvious. But a couple days worth of little mods should make the anovos perfectly fine- I have 2 anovos, a TM, and a VT helmet and sitting side by side they all look pretty damn similar. The amovos helmet plastic doesnt really feel much thinner than my other lids, but somehow the plastic feels just a little... cheaper? But I cant quite p
  7. The kit will be unavailable until further notice-- Only the full ensemble for now. There was a deadline after christmas for people wanting just the kits.
  8. The only thing i dont like is the sharpness on the parts right under the eyes--- the "eye bags"? If you look at the ata it has a nice fullness and roundness- on the anovos the eye bags look too flat like there aint enough meat on them and that theyve collapsed a bit- Its making the eyes look weird to me- i wonder if i could use some sort of abs putty and build up that area a bit
  9. Ordered day one, Apr 12. Still no word. Can't stop refreshing my inbox for a notice of shipment! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. LOL maybe I will have to buy an RS next just for comparison sake. If it is infact an RS copy- I am damn lucky to have gotten it for 350 american-- i feel kind of like I cheated
  11. I think the helmets looking pretty nice so far. Has anyone posted pics of the chest piece yet? I cant wait to line up every part next to my TM and see the differences!
  12. Not having to cut cover strips= amazing. Though I have worries about needing to cut ones a bit wider for my big biceps. On my current suit I think i did about 18-20mmon the back of the biceps just to cheat as much extra room as possible. Hopefully my spare plastic from trooperbay will be a good match.
  13. Wanna see a side by side with that helmet next to something more accurate than an efx-- maybe a TM or RS or something. I cant help but feel like it looks a bit more symmetrical
  14. I have to pick this stuff up at a shipping place across the border... I think they only hold orders for a couple weeks so I am wondering how I am going to do this without paying duty 2 times if i have to make two trips....... Gahh
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