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  1. Rolf, It looks like late Xmas present
  2. When there is TI8852, it means, that this number is taken by this guy. If he decides to go TK, he will have TK8852. But you can apply for 8854, if it is free and you have acceptable costume.
  3. It is lighting or they are more shades of white plastic on this armor?
  4. Nice Sandy. Somebody is building a personal army
  5. What is price difference? Yeah black pastic can be painted white, you need make several layers of paint to cover it and some good paint for it. But I not sure how much it will be resistant to scratches and damaging it. I think better idea is have white stormie from white plastic.
  6. Problem solved. In OBI they have steel 1 1/2" x 16 swg tube as part for garden fence pillar. For price about 14 EUR for 2 m long tube.
  7. Another screenshot, where two of three ROTJ stormies don´t wear holster. They even have a bit different shoulders.
  8. I make some more screengrabs.
  9. As somebody said, when they used real Sterling as base for E-11. Logicaly they put it in holster on left, because ammo magazine, hengstler etc. They didn´t think about rebuild this weapon mirrored for right side holster. Too much work and money and almost no one will notice that. After years we can think, that Left handed stormtroopers are superior. For EIB ANH you need it wear on left, even if you are right handed. I don´t think they will change standard, because you are right handed or you make mirrored E-11 that can be worn on right. Funny is ROTJ in scene in front of Endor Bunker, many of them don´t wear holsters )
  10. Good work Paul. Next step is hire some original TK/TD actors to wear it for promo?
  11. Yeah thanks. They have here this tube, but they don´t accept paypal and I will ask about shipping to Prague.They don´t. Same as www.ukonlinealuminium.co.uk Ha this looks interresting Aluminium Round Tube (6063T6) 1 1/2 in x 16 swg, but still 2,5 m long and no paypal or shipping to outside UK. Price is good. But somebody should buy it, cut it to 5 same part a send to me. Is anybody here, who can do it for me?
  12. Can I ask someone, how hard is buy in UK adn send here few steel or duralloy tubes, 1 and 1/2 inch (38 mm) in diameter, 1-1,5 mm thick and 500 mm long for E-11 body? I have in my hands real Sterling for needed parts and it is better to use them on right tube, than bigger. We have metric system here and near diameter is 40 mm.
  13. Sometimes I´m wondering for what needs John Williams whole orchestra. Watch some more stuff from this interesting woman from Japan. O_O From same woman. OMFG.
  14. Hello and Welcome. I think I see here familiar face
  15. Good find. Thanks I was waiting for it from summer.They say, it is open from 2.1.2009 to 15.1. 2009.
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