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  1. Please Enable me for 501 Access TK-15421 Chilean Outpost https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32722 Thanks
  2. thanks man... it´s been a long way and i´m just waiting wait for good news....
  3. Thanks... i just wait as a child at christmas lol
  4. thanks... i need to replace it soon because is a little crancked... so i will put it better then now.
  5. well.. thanks... i forgot... fron Chile.....
  6. Hello brothers: Just waiting for the approval of the garryson of my country... these are the pictures that i have.... hope good news this year... cross fingers. Hope you like it
  7. Well i buy the model from skechtfab... all part are in the model....
  8. I think with 1 Kg of pla you make this... and of course i has to buy this model for 40 or 50 dolars i guess Still has to paint and repair some parts.
  9. A lot of work and print problem with my machine but here we go Making some holes and put together
  10. Then some primer and a little paint job I make electronics with arduino nano and mixed battlefront t21 sound
  11. Well i tried to follow all your wonderful tutorials and put my own parts too. i make a mistake and lost some pictures but i got a few pictures. Well Start
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