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  1. Please Enable me for 501 Access TK-15421 Chilean Outpost https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=32722 Thanks
  2. thanks man... it´s been a long way and i´m just waiting wait for good news....
  3. Thanks... i just wait as a child at christmas lol
  4. thanks... i need to replace it soon because is a little crancked... so i will put it better then now.
  5. well.. thanks... i forgot... fron Chile.....
  6. Hello brothers: Just waiting for the approval of the garryson of my country... these are the pictures that i have.... hope good news this year... cross fingers. Hope you like it
  7. Well i buy the model from skechtfab... all part are in the model....
  8. I think with 1 Kg of pla you make this... and of course i has to buy this model for 40 or 50 dolars i guess Still has to paint and repair some parts.
  9. A lot of work and print problem with my machine but here we go Making some holes and put together
  10. Then some primer and a little paint job I make electronics with arduino nano and mixed battlefront t21 sound
  11. Well i tried to follow all your wonderful tutorials and put my own parts too. i make a mistake and lost some pictures but i got a few pictures. Well Start
  12. Hello... thats awesome... its posible you can shere it?? please please... i'm from Chile... very far far away Thanks and great work!!!
  13. wow wow and more wow.... i do my dlt19 blaster with pipe metod and hasbro diys blaster... buy the attachment you do is amazing... i wondering if u can share or sale this model please... im from Chile... a little far away from you.
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